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What Is Red Dead Online? (Red Dead Online Cheats and Tips)

Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that Red Dead Online is the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. As such, those who are looking for the best start possible might want to look for useful information.

What Are Some Tips for Red Dead Online?

Here are some examples:





You Can Redo Missions (Red Dead Online Cheats and Tips)

It is possible to re-do missions in Red Dead Online. However, if interested individuals are looking to do some grinding, they should know that they won’t be able to earn money by redoing missions. As such, they can grind for experience but not for money. Having said that, players can keep the items that they pick up, which might come as a consolation for some of them.

Find Out Your Dream Role (Red Dead Online Cheats and Tips)

Players can unlock roles such as Bounty Hunter, Collector, Trader, Naturalist, and Moonshiner in Red Dead Online. As such, they should spend some time seeing what they enjoy about the game before unlocking the role that is best-suited to their personal preferences. Generally speaking, players who enjoy exploration will want to choose either Collector or Naturalist. In contrast, players who enjoy making money will want to choose either Trader or Moonshiner. Interested individuals should know that it is possible for them to unlock more than one role. However, the sheer expense means that they should choose their roles with both care and consideration.

Learn to Fire, Roll, Fire (Red Dead Online Cheats and Tips)

Combat is even more common in Red Dead Online than in Red Dead Redemption 2. Due to this, interested individuals would do well to master the art of shooting fast as well as shooting true. This is particularly true because there are a lot of players out there that can land headshots on a consistent basis, meaning that there is minimum room for error. Still, interested individuals might be able to extend their longevity by incorporating rolls into their combat routine. Essentially, they should shoot. roll out of the way, shoot a second time, roll out of the way a second time, and so on and so forth until their target has stopped moving. Simply put, sudden movements are much more unpredictable, thus making rolls the best option for throwing off their opponent’s aim.

Consider Tackling in Close Quarters

In close quarters, interested individuals should consider tackling their opponent rather than shooting. If they connect, they will bring down their opponent, thus putting the latter in a very vulnerable position for their follow-up. Of course, interested individuals should also be wary of the potential for their opponent to tackle them. Not entering into close quarters combat is the best way to avoid getting tackled because said move has very limited range. However, if players are feeling brave, they should consider seeing if they can get out of the way of an incoming tackle, which can put them in a good position for a finishing shot.

Remember to Loot

Speaking of which, interested individuals should remember to loot whenever the chance comes up. By looting, they have a real chance of picking up high-value items, which can be very lucrative to say the least. However, even if they aren’t getting these high-value items again and again, small gains can still add up to big benefits with sufficient repetition. For that matter, some of the loot can prove to be very useful for the player.

Hunt to Earn Money

Hunting is a good way to make money in Red Dead Online. Interested individuals are going to want to maximize the value of each pelt, which is reliant on three factors. First, they should hunt the right animals using the right weapon as well as the right ammunition. Second, they should hunt the highest-quality animals. Third, they should finish each hunt in the right manner.

For the first, players should memorize the various combinations. For example, Small Game Arrows are meant for small animals, Arrows are meant for medium to large animals, Poison Arrows are meant for medium to massive animals, and Improved Arrows are meant for massive animals. Meanwhile, Varmint Rifles are meant for medium animals, Repeaters are meant for medium animals so long as the ammunition is non-explosive in nature, both Rifles and Sniper Rifles are meant for medium to massive animals so long as the ammunition is non-explosive in nature, and Shotguns are meant for massive animals so long as the ammunition consists of Slugs.

Moving on, more stars mean a higher-quality animal. If an animal is either ill or malnourished, that is going to make for a less valuable pelt. In contrast, if an animal is either young or prime, that is going to be good for its value. Having said that, interested individuals are going to need to hit the animal in the right manner for the right results. For those who are unfamiliar, there are three potential outcomes, which are Normal hits, Critical Hits, and Fatal Hits. Normal hits are when the player hits something other than either a Critical point or a Fatal point. Naturally, Critical hits are when the player hits a Critical point, meaning an important organ such as either the lungs or the stomach. As for Fatal hits, these must land on either the heart or the brain, which should result in a one-shot kill under most circumstances. It is possible for interested individuals to get a perfect pelt even with a Critical hit rather than a Fatal hit with certain weapons and certain ammunition under certain circumstances. However, they should be going for the Fatal hits if they want to be sure.

There are a number of other important points to keep in mind. One, it is more difficult to hit the right spot on smaller animals, so interested individuals might want to consider just shooting them while reserving the bulk of their effort for bigger, more valuable animals. Two, it can be a good idea to get closer to the target by approaching upwind while using the scenery for concealment, thus increasing the chances of a Fatal hit. Three, consider shooting animals from the side of the head rather than the front of the head because players need their projectiles to penetrate well if they want to preserve the value of the pelts.