Grindstone Cheats and Tips



What Is Grindstone? (Grindstone Cheats and Tips)

Grindstone is a new puzzle battler. As such, it is focused on beating enemies to earn the titular resource, which can be used to purchase better gear for the purpose of overcoming more challenging enemies.

What Are Some Tips for Grindstone?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





You Can Move in Eight Directions (Grindstone Cheats and Tips)

One of the nice things about Grindstone is that it is possible for players to move in eight directions. This opens up a lot of possibilities, meaning that interested individuals shouldn’t limit themselves to just left, right, up, and down.

Bigger Combos Make for Better Loot (Grindstone Cheats and Tips)

Bigger combos make for better loot. As such, players should put some serious effort into looking for potential paths. For that matter, once they become more experienced, they should start chipping away at smaller groups of enemies for the purpose of setting up bigger combos than otherwise possible. Something that can provide them with Grindstones, crafting materials, and other benefits.

Please note that it is possible for Grindstones to show up on the board. They are very valuable in their own right. However, Grindstones are also important because when they are picked up, they enable the player to continue their combo by choosing a target of any color rather than a target of the same color. Thanks to this, interested individuals should always pause for a moment to see where the new Grindstone is located when they manage to score a 10+ combo.

Go for the Treasure Chests (Grindstone Cheats and Tips)

Sometimes, players will see a treasure chest show up on the board. If so, they should check for the enemy holding the key, which they will be able to recognize by the key that is orbiting them. So long as it is possible, players should eliminate said enemy to claim the key before opening the treasure chest to claim its contents, which can be very beneficial.

You Can Protect Yourself Using Obstacles

Over time, enemies will become angrier and angrier, which is a potential problem because that means that they will start attacking the player for stopping besides them. Due to this, interested individuals will need to be more and more careful with their movements, lest a promising combo be spoiled by a moment of carelessness. Fortunately, obstacles can provide them with some assistance in the form of cover. They aren’t comprehensive by any stretch of the definition. However, something is still better than nothing.

Visit the Inn from Time to Time

It is a good idea to visit the Inn from time to time. In part, this is because the Inn has challenges, which can provide interested individuals with some extra loot in exchange for completing them. However, it should also be mentioned that the player’s health doesn’t recover after completing a level, meaning that they need to heal up on occasion.

Take Your Time

Some players might be tempted to cut their way through their enemies as fast as possible. However, Grindstone is a puzzle game, meaning that it is best for them to take their time. Simply put, there is nothing to lose but plenty to gain from thinking moves through, which is why interested individuals should make a habit of doing so.