Thief Simulator Cheats and Tips



What Is Thief Simulator? (Thief Simulator Cheats and Tips)

Thief Simulator is pretty much exactly what most people would expect based upon the name. For those who want more specifics, it is an open world title with plenty of stealth elements packed into it.

What Are Some Tips for Thief Simulator?

Here are some tips for Thief Simulator:





Empty Homes Are the Best Targets in the Beginning

The minimization of risk is very important in Thief Simulator. As a result, when the player is still starting out, they should steal from empty homes rather than occupied homes. There are a couple of ways that they can find out information about their potential targets. One, they can buy information about potential targets using the computer in their hideout, though this can prove to be pretty expensive with repeated use. Two, they can scout out potential targets on their own. Generally speaking, this means approaching each one while staying low to minimize the chances of being spotted. Once the player has made it to the windows, they can look in to see if there are any occupants moving about. This must be carried out multiple times in a 24-hour period before they can get a good understanding of what to expect from the target.





Daytime Can Be Better than Nighttime (Thief Simulator Cheats and Tips)

Generally speaking, when people think of thieves, they think of thieves striking in the middle of the night. However, the player shouldn’t always go for nighttime missions rather than daytime missions. Yes, nighttime missions mean better loot. However, nighttime missions also mean a higher chance of occupants as well as a higher chance of more occupants, thus increasing the risk by a considerable margin. Meanwhile, daytime missions come with less risk from the occupants, though they do make it more difficult to get in and get out while remaining undetected. Still, the general rule is that daytime missions are safer while nighttime missions are more rewarding, so the player might want to wait until they have developed their skills to an extent before going out on the latter.

Don’t Go Fast Unless You Have To (Thief Simulator Cheats and Tips)

The player should never go fast in a home until they have no choice. This is because going fast creates a lot more noise, which in turn, means a much higher chance of detection. As such, the better approach is to slowly but surely strip a home of its valuables while avoiding any occupants until it is too late for them to intervene. Of course, if the player has alerted the occupants, it is time to make a run for it. They may or may not have gotten as much loot as possible. However, escaping with some loot is still a much better outcome than being caught.

Open Drawers from the Bottom to the Top

When searching through drawers, the player should open them from the bottom to the top. This way, they can see what is contained in each drawer without having to close the one above it, thus enabling them to loot faster while making less noise in the process. Suffice to say that more efficient looting makes for more lucrative looting. Having said that, occupants will notice when things have been disturbed. So if the player wants to remain undetected, they are going to need to close all of the drawers after they have finished looting.

Be Careful Where You Park the Car

The car should be parked either in the parking lot or someplace where random pedestrians won’t spot it being out-of-place before calling the cops. It can be a good idea to leave the trunk as well as the left door open so that the player can load up their loot before making a getaway as fast as possible.

Bring the Right Tools (Thief Simulator Cheats and Tips)

This information should provide the player with a good idea of what tools they will need for what target. There is a wide range of tools that can be purchased using the computer, so it can be tempting to stock up as much as possible. However, this tends to be a bad idea because bringing more tools means leaving less room for loot. On a side-note, the player should bring several examples of each kind of lockpick because of a couple of reasons. First, lockpicks can break, meaning that a bit of bad luck can ruin an entire mission if the player has no backups. Second, higher-level lockpicks can’t be used on lower-level locks, meaning that they cannot replace their lower-level counterparts.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Speaking of which, the player might struggle with some of the tools that are available to them. Fortunately, they can practice at home, thus making them much better-prepared for their missions than otherwise possible. This is particularly important for the lockpicks because the middle of a mission is not the best time for learning how to use them.

The Car Has a Storage Box

The backpack has limited space. However, if a player has managed to get out of a home with a full backpack while remaining undetected the entire time, they should know that there is a storage box sitting on the car’s passenger seat. Thanks to this, if they are stealthy, they can make multiple trips to loot as much as possible rather than just what they can carry on them. Of course, this means that when they sell their loot, they are going to need to make multiple trips as well.

Don’t Sell Everything through the Pawnshop Right Away

The pawnshop is a convenient place to sell loot. However, it isn’t necessarily the best place to sell loot, meaning that the player should keep a watchful eye on the other options. One would be BlackBay, which has regular orders for specific items that will offer much more money than the pawnshop. The other would be the side-missions, which will sometimes require either specific items or specific groups of items. On top of this, it is worth mentioning that selling the components of jewelry can be much more lucrative than selling jewelry, so it can be a good idea to hold on to such items until the the option becomes available with Jewelry Tools plus a Rank 2 in Appraisal.