Dreams Cheats and Tips



What Is Dreams? (Dreams Cheats and Tips)

Dreams is a game creation system that came out for the PS4 in February of 2020. As such, it might interest those who are looking to create something of their own as well as those who are curious about what like-minded individuals have created.

What Are Some Tips for Dreams?

Keep these suggestions in mind:





Do the Tutorials (Dreams Cheats and Tips)

It is very common for people to skip the tutorials in video games. This makes sense because most games follow the conventions of their genre in most respects, meaning that someone who is familiar with one title in a genre has a much easier time picking up other titles in the same genre. Certainly, they won’t have any knowledge of the specifics. However, interested individuals can learn those things through experience.

Unfortunately, skipping the tutorials is a bad idea in Dreams. After all, most people won’t have a lot of experience with game creation systems. Furthermore, even if they do, game creation systems can be very different from one another. As such, it is critical that interested individuals run through the tutorials for Dreams in order to get a good understanding of how to use the tools that are available to them. In fact, chances are good that they won’t even know what tutorials they need to run through until they have completed the four-parter called “Start Dreaming.”

Do the “Coat, Style, and Effects” Tutorial

One of the most important tutorials would be the “Coat, Style, and Effects” tutorial. This should provide interested individuals with a good idea of how to use the color tools that can be found in Dreams, which are very important because of the huge effect that colors have on how we perceive visuals. Suffice to say that one shade of red can be very different from another shade of red, meaning that interested individuals should get started on understanding the tools that make this possible sooner rather than later.





Undo and Reversing Undo (Dreams Cheats and Tips)

Undo is going to be a very useful function for people planning to mess around in Dreams. Fortunately, it is bound to Left on the D-Pad of a DualShock 4, meaning that it is very convenient to use for interested individuals. Similarly, it is very easy to reverse an undo as well, seeing as how that function is bound to Right on the D-Pad of a DualShock 4.

Master the Camera Controls (Dreams Cheats and Tips)

The camera controls are going to see a lot of use in Dreams. After all, people are going to have a very hard time creating visual content if they can’t get a good look at what they have created as well as what they are creating. For starters, the basics are pretty simple and straightforward. In short, the left stick controls movement while the right stick controls field of view, which should be familiar to a lot of interested individuals out there. However, other camera controls might need more of a mention. For instance, it is possible to grab on to something by moving the Imp over before pressing and holding R1. After which, it is possible to use the left stick to zoom in and zoom out at a fast speed. Something that can be very useful for viewing sizable creations.

Don’t Hesitate to Destroy Your Creations

Speaking of which, interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to destroy their creations so that they can create them anew. Yes, they will have put a considerable amount of effort into each one of their creations. However, creating something anew will enable interested individuals to further improve on their skills, thus resulting in something better while using up less effort in the process. Of course, this can become very impractical with commercial projects because those are running on both tight budgets and tight schedules, but that is a non-issue for people playing around in Dreams.

You Can Connect Devices for More Ways to Create Content

It is possible to connect devices to the PS4 to gain access to more ways to create content. For example, if people want to input a lot of text, they have a couple of options. One, they can connect a keyboard to their controller. Two, they can download the Sony Second Screen app for use on either a phone or a tablet. Similarly, if people want to record high-quality audio, a 3.5mm Male-to-Male audio cable should enable them to connect their controller to a tablet.

Use Open-Source Content

There is a lot of open-source content available to interested individuals through Dreams. As such, people don’t need to make everything on their own. Instead, it is perfectly fine for them to use content created by other people before building their own content on top of that frame. For that matter, even if interested individuals want to make everything on their own, it can still be worthwhile for them to check out what has been created by other people. After all, open-source content can be an excellent source of inspiration for interested individuals, particularly once they have had the chance to play with it to see what does and doesn’t work.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Other People’s Work

It hasn’t been that long since Dreams was released. Nonetheless, people have already created a lot of impressive works. Some interested individuals might be inspired by this. In contrast, others might be intimidated. If so, they shouldn’t be. Yes, each one of those works represent lots and lots of effort, which isn’t even counting the effort needed to learn the tools in the first place. However, there are a couple of things for interested individuals to keep in mind. First, Dreams isn’t a race, meaning that they don’t need to judge themselves based on what other people have created. So long as they themselves are having fun, they are coming out ahead. Second, everyone started out from the same place in Dreams. As such, even if their works aren’t very impressive in the present time, they can expect their works to become better and better by continuing to put effort into the act of creation.