Cloudpunk Cheats and Tips



What Is Cloudpunk? (Cloudpunk Cheats and Tips)

Cloudpunk is an adventure game in a sci-fi setting that shows clear signs of cyberpunk influence. Interested individuals take on the role of Rania, a delivery driver who is working for the illegal company bearing the titular name.

What Are Some Tips for Cloudpunk?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:





Don’t Sell Everything Right Away (Cloudpunk Cheats and Tips)

It is possible to make money by selling items. However, interested individuals should never sell everything right away. First, this is because they are going to need items to repair elevators as well as unlock passages, meaning that they should be careful about holding up their own progress. Second, this is because different merchants offer different prices for the same items, which can be very lucrative for those willing to capitalize upon this.

Buy Low, Sell High (Cloudpunk Cheats and Tips)

To be exact, interested individuals should buy items at low prices before selling them at high prices. For example, there is a merchant in Little China who sells Jackets for 400 per unit. This is very convenient because there is another merchant situated between Little China and Upper Midtown who is willing to buy those same Jackets for 480 per unit. This isn’t a huge profit, but this is nonetheless something that interested individuals can use to get started.

Meanwhile, if people want a more lucrative option, they should seek out a merchant situated very close to the ramen merchant. This is because said individual sells Cybernetic Arms for 4,900 per unit. Once interested individuals have managed to stock up, they can unload those same Cybernetic Arms for 5,880 per unit at a merchant a couple of floors down. If there is one issue with this option, it is that the Cybernetic Arms are limited in number, meaning that interested individuals won’t be able to make an infinite amount of money by just running the route again and again and again.

Don’t Use Food Merchants for This (Cloudpunk Cheats and Tips)

On a related note, food merchants aren’t very useful for the process of buying low and selling high. In part, this is because their items are often consumed right away, meaning that there is no option to sell them. However, it should also be mentioned that a lot of food merchants don’t buy items, so there is no point to checking out their prices.

Speak with Everyone with a Name

It is a good idea to speak with everyone with a name. After all, this can provide interested individuals with a lot of quests, thus enabling them to get at more of the content than otherwise possible. However, they also provide narrative, which is one of the major selling points of the game.

Grab All of the Items Before Speaking with Characters

Having said that, interested individuals might want to grab all of the items that can be found in an area before they start speaking with characters. This is because some conversations will force them to bring the character back to their vehicle as a passenger, thus forcing them to focus on that.