Sea of Thieves Cheats and Tips



What Is Sea of Thieves? (Sea of Thieves Cheats and Tips)

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game that enables interested individuals to take on the role of pirates. Its initial release met with a mixed response. However, Sea of Thieves was envisioned as a game as a service, meaning that it has received regular updates and is expected to continue receiving regular updates.

What Are Some Tips for Sea of Thieves?

Here are some suggestions that might prove useful:





Understand the Different Kinds of Ships (Sea of Thieves Cheats and Tips)

Different kinds of ships have different kinds of capabilities in Sea of Thieves. For instance, Sloops are fast-moving, thus enabling them to outrun their counterparts on the open sea. However, they have a serious issue in that their smaller size means less storage as well as less firepower. Still, Sloops can be sailed by just one or two players, meaning that they can be a good choice for those who can’t count on having a well-coordinated crew with them.

Meanwhile, Galleons are huge. As such, they can hit hard while soaking up hard hits, not least because their hull contains not one but two floors. Combined with the fact that Galleons are meant to have a four-player crew, this makes them a much more forgiving choice for those who are still learning the ins and outs of the game. Of course, these ships are slow because of their immense size, though they can still move with surprising speed when the wind is with them.

As for Brigantines, they are a midway point between the two extremes represented by Sloops and Galleons. Thanks to this, these ships are very popular with players who want something that can perform well in a wide range of roles under a wide range of circumstances. Having said that, beginners might want to stay away from Brigantines until they have gotten a good understanding of the game because their three-player crew creates a need for good coordination while leaving less room for error.

Have Someone in the Crow’s Nest (Sea of Thieves Cheats and Tips)

Generally speaking, it is a good idea for ships to have someone in the crow’s nest. This is because a lot of players embrace the core premise of Sea of Thieves by being very opportunistic, meaning that interested individuals should always be prepared for a fight even if they aren’t looking for a fight. Some players might be tempted to ignore the crow’s nest, particularly since keeping watch isn’t a very engaging activity even at the best of times. However, the landscape can provide plenty of hiding spots, meaning that keeping watch should be considered either necessary or the next best thing to being necessary. Of course, if players are looking to hunt ships rather than prevent themselves from being hunted by ships, having someone in the crow’s nest will be no less important.

Some Spots Make for Better Targets than Others (Sea of Thieves Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, good aim is something that will prove to be very useful in Sea of Thieves. As a rough rule of thumb, interested individuals should lead their shots when using their cannons because their cannonballs need travel time. The only time when this isn’t true is when one ship is situated next to the other. Moving on, the masts, the anchor, and the wheel can be targeted. However, these are small targets, meaning that interested individuals might want to avoid them unless they are confident of making the shots. If they aren’t, it is better for them to aim at the other ship’s side in an attempt to flood them. Interested individuals should know that they will need to aim beneath the waterline when they are going up against bigger ships because hitting the second floor won’t do them any good in that regard.





Different Enemies Have Different Weaknesses

Different enemies have different weaknesses that can be exploited. For example, Shadow Skeletons are weakened by the light, so if interested individuals run into them during the night, they should use either their lantern or some other source of light to stun them. Similarly, Plant Skeletons will continue regenerating their health so long as they are standing in the water, meaning that interested individuals are going to need to lure them on to dry ground for the smoothest results. As for Gold Skeletons, it is amusing to note that contrary to their name, they are very susceptible to rust. Due to this, the best way to handle them is to hit them with a bucket of water, thus causing them to slow down. Speaking of which, interested individuals should always have both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon ready for use because they won’t always be able to engage their enemies in their favored mode of combat. For proof, look no further than Gunpowder Skeletons, which should be shot before they can close the distance.