Haven Cheats and Tips



What Is Haven? (Haven Cheats and Tips)

Haven is a RPG with some survival elements that was released in December of 2020. Story-wise, it is about a pair of lovers named Yu and Kay who have escaped to an uninhabited planet from their former home. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that much of Haven is focused upon their relationship.

What Are Some Tips for Haven? (Haven Cheats and Tips)

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The Combat Isn’t Very Challenging (Haven Cheats and Tips)

There is real-time combat in Haven. However, interested individuals shouldn’t expect it to provide them with too much challenge once they understand the ins and outs of the system. For those who are curious, there are a couple of attacks as well as the option to guard, which are pretty much what most people would expect from them. As for the enemies, there are a couple of stand-outs worth mentioning. One, there are some enemies that are resistant to Blast damage rather than Impact damage. Two, there are some enemies that won’t be vulnerable until they have unleashed some kind of heavy attack. Otherwise, enemies are simple and straightforward.

Use Your Healing Items (Haven Cheats and Tips)

Having said that, there will be times when interested individuals get overwhelmed a bit, meaning that they should break out the healing items that they should have on hand. It is very common for people to hoard their healing items in RPGs because they think that their healing items will be more useful in a later fight. However, this is a serious mistake, not least because it is also very common for people to hoard their healing items so much that they wind up never using them. Hoarding is particularly pointless in Haven because this is a relatively relaxing title with a crafting system, meaning that interested individuals won’t be penalized for using their healing items when they need to.

Uncover Every Interaction

Uncovering every interaction between Yu and Kay is something that most people are going to focus upon. In part, this is because their relationship is one of the biggest selling points of the game, meaning that this should be something that motivates interested individuals. However, it should also be noted that running through the interactions is incentivized through the promise of combat boosts as well. Simply put, if players want their player-characters to do more damage as well as soak up more damage, they should get Yu and Kay to interact more with one another.

Don’t Assume Autosaves

Autosaves are a very useful feature, which is why they have become so common in a wide range of games in a wide range of genres. However, interested individuals should know how autosaves work, lest they become frustrated because of a bad assumption. Haven has autosaves. The problem is that autosaves happen on an automatic basis when the player changes area with no other option for saving. As such, if interested individuals quit the game without changing the area, they could wind up losing some of the progress that they have managed to make.