Super Mario Run Cheats and Tips



What Is Super Mario Run? (Super Mario Run Cheats and Tips)

Super Mario Run was the first Nintendo mobile game from one of its major franchises. It met with a mixed response from the players because of its pricing. However, Super Mario Run can be worth checking out for interested individuals.

What Are Some Tips for Super Mario Run?

Here are some things worth keeping in mind for Super Mario Run:





Expect the Auto-Run (Super Mario Run Cheats and Tips)

One of the biggest differences from standard Mario games is that Super Mario Run uses auto-run. For those who are unfamiliar, this means that Mario is moving forward on a constant basis, meaning that the player has minimal control over his horizontal movements. There are exceptions to this rule. However, such exceptions are rare enough that interested individuals shouldn’t count on it.

Use the Red Blocks to Pause (Super Mario Run Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, the player can use the Red Blocks to pause. Playing Super Mario Run might not be physically exhausting but it can be psychologically exhausting. As such, a pause can provide interested individuals with a breather, thus putting them in a better position to handle the challenges coming their way. For that matter, Red Blocks can give them a chance to plan ahead as well.

Other Characters Have Other Capabilities

Mario is the starter character. However, interested individuals can unlock other characters with other capabilities. For example, Luigi can jump higher. Likewise, Princess Peach can float. These might not seem like huge changes, but they can have a huge effect on how well people play Super Mario Run, not least because even small differences will add up over time.





Understand the Jump (Super Mario Run Cheats and Tips)

There are different kinds of jumps. For instance, the player-character will hop over small obstacles by default, so jumping under such circumstances can actually be counter-productive for interested individuals. Moving on, the standard jump can be triggered by tapping the screen, which is something that players will become very familiar with because this move will become their bread-and-butter for handling the challenges of this game. Having said that, there will be times when they need something with more height as well as more distance, thus the need for holding in order to achieve a long jump. Be warned that the long jump can have variable height and distance because it is possible to end it before the maximum apex by letting go of the hold. On top of this, the player can give their player-character even more airtime by tapping a second time mid-jump to execute a spin.

Besides these, there are a couple of other moves that interested individuals should know as well. First, when the player-character is running off of a ledge, it is possible to execute a barrel roll upon landing by tapping the screen. This is useful because the player-character will take out surrounding enemies with their motion, thus saving them from what could be certain doom without it. Second, when the player-character hits a wall, it is possible for the player to perform a backward jump by tapping the screen at that exact moment in time. Something that interested individuals should get used to sooner rather than later because this can be a life-saver for those who fall into pits a lot.

Some Boos Hold Coins

On a semi-related note, there are some Boos that hold coins. Amusingly, interested individuals can convince them to let go of their loot by performing a stylish move in front of them. In short, what they need to do is to jump backwards over a Boo while it is moving towards them, which is going to need them to have a good sense for terrain use.

Timing Is Critical

It should be obvious that timing is critical in Super Mario Run. After all, the player has minimal control over their horizontal movement, meaning that the timing of their vertical movements will determine pretty much everything. However, the sheer extent to which timing matters can come as a surprise. For instance, when interested individuals see two Coin Blocks placed side-by-side, they should know that it is possible for them to get both with a single jump by hitting the seam between the two. This can be challenging the first few times. However, it is very much something that interested individuals can master with sufficient repetition.

The Bubble Is Very Useful

The bubble can be very useful for people who have missed something in a level. However, interested individuals should use it for shorter rather than longer trips backwards. This is because the clock continues running when the bubble is used, meaning that if the player isn’t careful, they could wind up leaving themselves too little time to complete the remainder of the level. For that matter, bubbles are a limited resource, so it is best to use them in a sparing manner.

The Modes Are Connected

It is worth mentioning that the modes in Super Mario Run are connected with one another, meaning that interested individuals shouldn’t neglect any of them. For instance, playing through World Tour is how they can get their hands on Toad Rally tickets. Naturally, Toad Rally tickets are how they can get access to Toad Rally, thus enabling them to pick up more Toads. More Toads mean a higher level for the Mushroom Kingdom, which in turn, means more space for buildings to make the Toads happier. Something that makes for more coins that can be used to unlock various goodies.

As for doing well in Toad Rally, there are a number of things to keep in mind. For example, it doesn’t matter how far the player gets before time runs out. Instead, the goal is to grab the most coins as well as the most Toads. As such, if the player misses a big batch of coins, it can be worthwhile for them to die before using the bubble to return to that big patch of coins. However, interested individuals should be careful about dying again and again in short succession because that is a good way for them to lose the Toads’ attention. Otherwise, being stylish is the best way to win over the crowd, so combo jumps, collect the pink coins, and make a beeline for the stars because of their ability to vacuum up coins.