Traffix Cheats and Tips



What Is Traffix? (Traffix Cheats and Tips)

Traffix is a puzzle game that has been released for Android phones. It is simple in presentation. However, Traffix is one of those games that don’t suffer because of this, thus making it something that interested individuals might want to check out.

What Are Some Tips for Traffix? (Traffix Cheats and Tips)

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Understand the Win Conditions (Traffix Cheats and Tips)

The name of the game is very revealing. In short, the player is presented with one or more intersections. After which, they have to let a specific number of white cars leave the stage while avoiding two things. One would be letting crashes happen, while the other would be letting the white cars wait too long. The player is considered to have failed if they let these things happen ten times in the same stage. In any case, controlling the traffic lights at the intersections is very easy. One tap lets one vehicle pass through, while two taps let every single vehicle pass through until the traffic lights have been returned to red.

Expect Uncontrollable Vehicles (Traffix Cheats and Tips)

Earlier stages will provide interested individuals with full control over all of the vehicles that can be found within. However, this will change in later stages, which will have both controllable and uncontrollable vehicles for extra complications. Trains would be the best example, but it is amusing to note that there can be airplanes as well.

Don’t Expect the Same Kind of Solution to Work Every Single Time

There are some puzzle games in which the solution is always something of a similar nature. However, interested individuals shouldn’t expect to see that in Traffix. Instead, different stages will challenge them in different ways. Sometimes, the traffic lights will be spread throughout the stage, meaning that a good chuck of the challenge will come from the need to monitor all of them at the same time. Other times, the traffic lights are much more concentrated, with the result that the player can expect a test of their timing. As such, it is very much possible for interested individuals to solve one stage by repeating a certain rhythm before being forced to improvise something much more chaotic in the next stage, meaning that they will need to focus throughout.

Watch Out for the Clocks

As mentioned earlier, letting the vehicles stand still too long will run up the lose counter. Fortunately, interested individuals won’t need to keep track of how long every single vehicle has been standing still on their own. This is because when a vehicle driver becomes fed up, a clock will show up over their head. Something that tells interested individuals that they should intervene before time runs out unless they are willing to see some road rage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Run Up the Loss Counter

Speaking of which, interested individuals shouldn’t get too concerned about running up the loss counter so long as they don’t hit ten such incidents. If they get too caught up by every single mistake, they could get flustered, which would ruin the cool-headed thinking needed for the smoothest play. Traffix is much more forgiving than the real world, so take advantage of that.