Astral Chain Cheats and Tips



What Is Astral Chain? (Astral Chain Cheats and Tips)

Astral Chain is a PlatinumGames title that came out for the Nintendo Switch in 2019. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is an action-adventure game with hack and slash combat. On the whole, Astral Chain met with a positive reception, thus making it worth checking out for interested individuals.

What Are Some Tips for Astral Chain?

Keep these suggestions in mind:





Consider Turning Down the Difficulty

People should choose the settings that work for them. Due to this, if they are struggling with Astral Chain, they should turn down the difficulty to make it easier for themselves. If they want a challenge, they can always play the game on a higher difficulty once they have gotten a good understanding of the game.

Explore, Explore, Explore (Astral Chain Cheats and Tips)

There are plenty of benefits that can be had by spending some time exploring the Astral Chain setting. In particular, it is worth mentioning the side-quests, which will enable interested individuals to make themselves more and more capable. Besides that, exploration will provide the player with plenty of lore as well.

Use the IRIS (Astral Chain Cheats and Tips)

On a related note, the IRIS will prove to be one of the player’s most useful tools for exploration. After all, it can shine a spotlight on everything from past events to hidden items and Red Matter. For that matter, the IRIS can be helpful in combat as well, seeing as how it can reveal the enemies’ remaining health.

Save the Cats (Astral Chain Cheats and Tips)

For an example of how the IRIS can be helpful, look no further than the cats. In short, there are 15 rescuable cats. However, interested individuals are going to need to find them by using the IRIS while listening for their meows. The player can pick up a reward by using cat food to feed the rescued cats.

Remember to Claim the Order Rewards

Orders are Astral Chain‘s version of achievements. There are rewards for completing Orders. Unfortunately, interested individuals are going to need to collect them from the Status menu on a manual basis rather than an automatic basis.

Be Prepared

Better preparation tends to make for smoother progress than otherwise possible. As a rough rule of thumb, there are a couple of things that the player should check out whenever they are between missions. First, they should visit the Technical Crew so that they can buy more upgrades. Second, they should visit the Infirmary so that they can stock up on items.

Use Field Items Before Using Other Items

Field items can be recognized by their flower icon. Like their name says, they can be used in the current mission. However, once the current mission comes to a conclusion, unused field items will become unavailable. Thanks to this, if the player needs to use an item, they should start by checking their field items before moving on to their stock if nothing suitable can be found. Simply put, waste not, want not.





Never Let Your Legion Overheat

The player’s Legion has limited energy. Fortunately, there is a small circular meter that will show them exactly how much energy remains. Something that should make it very easy for them to recall their Legion before their Legion can run out. This is important because a Legion that runs out of energy becomes overheated, meaning that there will be a much longer wait before they can be called into combat once more. Of course, being forced to recall the Legion is no fun, so interested individuals are going to want to grab the Legion upgrades for maximum energy sooner rather than later.

Mix It Up

Mixing it up is the surest way to get a good grade in Astral Chain‘s combat. This means using different X-Baton weapons, different Legions, and different special moves. As such, while the player should feel free to use their favorite combat options, they should make sure to use the other tools in their repertoire for the best results.

Master the Sync Attack

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Legion is very important in combat. One of the reasons would be the Sync Attack, which can be unleashed by pressing either ZL or ZR whenever the player-character starts flashing light blue. Primarily, this is useful because this is powerful. However, Legion abilities can provide Sync Attacks with attack bonuses, health recovery, and other benefits as well, thus making experimentation worthwhile for interested individuals. Generally speaking, Sync Attacks will become available at the end of a X-Baton combo, but if the player wants to get more use of them, they should check out the upgrades that make Sync Attacks possible upon Perfect Calls and Perfect Dodges.

The Chain Is a Tool

The chain between the player-character and their Legion is a tool in its own right. For example, it is possible to bind enemies by circling them. Likewise, it is possible to stop enemies in a very painful manner by positioning the player-character and their Legion on both sides of their intended path.

Observe Before Going In

Action-adventure games being action-adventure games, it is a good idea for the player to adopt a spirit of caution whenever they run into new enemies. Essentially, they should observe to see what their opponent can and cannot do. This means that they should get in some attacks, avoid the inevitable retaliation, and then get in some more attacks rather than launch an all-out offensive from the very start. Eventually, the player will become so familiar with their enemies that they can fight however they want. Until then, they should be patient.

Use the Camera

Astral Chain has a camera. It offers pretty much exactly what one would expect from it. However, it is interesting to note that the camera can also be used to fill out the in-game database by photographing everything from civilians and co-workers to enemies. The latter can be a bit inconvenient, but it shouldn’t a real problem in the long run once interested individuals have become accustomed to it.