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Mega Man 11 Trophies

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy (Mega Man 11 Trophies):

The Blue Bomber Returns (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
The Blue Flash (Gold): Complete the game on Normal difficulty or harder within 60 minutes. (1st Play)
Can’t Improve on Perfection (Silver): Complete the game on Casual difficulty or harder without buying/using items or parts. (1st Play)
Mega Unstoppable (Silver): Complete the game on Normal difficulty or harder without getting a game over. (1st Play)
Programmed for Perfection (Silver): Get Gold Rank five times.
Protector of Peace (Silver): Complete the game on Normal difficulty or harder.
The World’s Best Hope (Silver): Complete the game on Superhero difficulty.
All Power, All The Time (Bronze): Destroy 80 enemies using Power Gear. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Area Secure (Bronze): Destroy all types of Gabyoall, Elec Crosser, and Elec Xtender. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Better You Than Me (Bronze): Destroy a Mini Shpider using an acid pool, BBQ grill, or other environmental hazard.
Brute Force (Bronze): Destroy 10 blocking enemies using special weapons. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Built to Win (Bronze): Get Bronze Rank or higher five times.
Bullet Blaster (Bronze): Destroy 30 enemy projectiles. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Bullseye! (Bronze): Defeat a Mawaru C using your Mega Buster without Speed Gear.
Catch ‘Em Off Guard (Bronze): Destroy a Sniper Joe piloting a Sniper Armor D.
Collateral Blammage (Bronze): Destroy three or more enemies using a Shimobey explosion.
Collector (Bronze): Purchase five parts.
Everything-Proof (Bronze): Run into an instant-death hazard without dying.
Firing at Max Power (Bronze): Defeat an enemy using the Final Charge Shot.
Gallery Gazer (Bronze): Unlock and view all Gallery files.
Guard Breaker (Bronze): Defeat 30 enemies while their guard is broken. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Location, Location, Location (Bronze): Destroy a Tatepakkan from the back.
Now We’re Getting Somewhere (Bronze): Complete 4 of the 8 stages.
One Down, Seven to Go… (Bronze): Complete 1 of the 8 stages.
Power Gear Master (Bronze): Defeat a boss using only Power Gear attacks. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Power Up (Bronze): Use a special weapon while Power Gear is active.
Quick Draw (Bronze): Destroy 100 enemies using Speed Gear. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Speed Gear Master (Bronze): Destroy 10 enemies during one Speed Gear use. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
The Harder They Fall (Bronze): Destroy 20 Crunch Don, Press Don, and Sniper Armor D in total. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
The Regulars (Bronze): Destroy all types of Metall, Shield Attacker, Sniper Joe, Gabyoall, and Batton. (1st Play)
Things Are Looking 1-UP! (Bronze): Use a Mystery Tank and turn an enemy into a 1-UP.
Three Birds, One Stone (Bronze): Defeat three or more enemies with one charge shot.
Tuned for Performance (Bronze): Get Silver Rank or higher five times.
Where’s Wily? (Bronze): Complete all 8 of the 8 stages.
Your Work Here Is Done (Bronze): Destroy an Arc Weldy obstacle.

Additionally, there are 16 secret trophies:

No Getting Away This Time! (Bronze): Complete Gear Fortress Stage 3.
Go Blue or Go Home (Silver): Reach boss room with no damage/deaths/death protection. (Excludes Gear Fortress and Challenge Mode)
Mid-Boss Buster (Silver): Defeat the mid-bosses of all 8 stages without special weapons. (1st Play)
Boss Buster (Silver): Defeat the bosses of all 8 stages without special weapons. (1st Play)
Demolition Man (Bronze): [Block Man Stage] Use Chain Blast to destroy a stone wall. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
No Experiments! (Bronze): [Acid Man Stage] Reach the boss without letting any pools change. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Fight Acid with Acid (Bronze): [Acid Man Stage] Enter a green acid pool using Acid Barrier. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Live to Fight Another Day (Silver): [Impact Man Stage] Dodge all Impact Brothers and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Playtime’s Over (Silver): [Bounce Man Stage] Destroy all balloon enemies once and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Danger! High Voltage! (Silver): [Fuse Man Stage] Avoid all lightning emitters and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
I Think You Dropped Something… (Silver): [Tundra Man Stage] Avoid all ice from Ice Swans and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Cold Turkey (Bronze): [Torch Man Stage] Prevent Sparkey the Barbecue Turkey from re-lighting. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Explosions? What Explosions? (Bronze): [Blast Man Stage] Avoid all exploding boxes and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Stop, Drop, and Roll (Silver): [GF1] Destroy all W.Blasters, M.Cones, and A.Nuts once and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Unstoppable (Silver): [GF2] Destroy all foes in Skull Roller area and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Survival Skills (Gold): Complete Dr. Light’s Trial for the first time.

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