Meteorfall Krumit's Tale Cheats and Tips



What Is Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale? (Meteorfall Krumit’s Tale Cheats and Tips) 

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale is a rogue-like deck-builder. However, while it takes inspiration from games such as Dream Quest and Slay the Spire, it stands out enough that interested individuals should read up on its systems for the best results.

What Are Some Tips for Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale?

Here are some Meteorfall Krumit’s Tale cheats and tips that might prove useful:






Understand the Goal (Meteorfall Krumit’s Tale Cheats and Tips) 

Each run of Meteorfall sees the player heading into dungeons. Each dungeon can be completed by clearing out its denizens. However, it should be mentioned that each dungeon contains plenty of other cards that represent plenty of other opportunities as well. In any case, the goal of the game is to complete as many dungeons as possible, which makes it very fortunate that interested individuals can improve on their starter deck by buying cards and swapping out cards as they make progress. On top of that, they can choose a perk whenever they complete a dungeon, thus enabling them to secure even more synergies. Simply put, Meteorfall is a stand-out among rogue-like deck-builders. However, it is very much a rogue-like deck-builder.

Understand the Basic Pattern for Each Dungeon

The basic pattern for dungeons in Meteorfall is actually very similar to the basic pattern for dungeons in other games in other genres. In short, the player should pick out enemies that they can beat without items and abilities for the purpose of earning gold by beating them. After which, they can spend that gold to pick up items and abilities, thus enabling them to beat tougher enemies. Said process repeats until the player has either completed the dungeon or run out of health in the dungeon.

Conserve Resources (Meteorfall Krumit’s Tale Cheats and Tips) 

One of the most common truths in rogue-likes is that the player is working with limited resources. Simply put, if they are running low on items, they can’t just backtrack to stock up on more items. Instead, they have to press on with what they have even though they are less prepared than what they would like to be. As such, conserving resources is critical for running through rogue-likes, with Meteorfall being no exception to this rule. Interested individuals should take every opportunity to gain additional resources as well as make the most efficient use of the resources that they already have. For instance, if they are going to discard an item, they should make sure that they can benefit from the health recovery that comes from discarding an item. This is particularly true because this is so easy. After all, if they are at full health, they can just spend some of that by fighting an enemy for gold. Each individual gain might not seem very impressive in the grand scheme of things, but they will add up with impressive speed provided that the player is diligent about this.

Having More Cards in the Deck Is a Plus Rather Than a Minus

Curiously, having more cards in the deck is a plus rather than a minus in Meteorfall. In a lot of card games, having more cards in the deck is bad because it makes it more difficult for interested individuals to get their hands on the cards that they want at any given moment. In Meteorfall, even the worst case scenario means that the player can just discard unwanted cards for gold and health.