WRC 9 Cheats and Tips



What Is WRC 9? (WRC 9 Cheats and Tips)

WRC 9 is the much more convenient name for WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship. Like the name says, it is the official game of the 2020 FIA World Rally Championship, though it represents what the competition would’ve been before the COVID-19 crisis made a mess of the initial schedule. In any case, WRC 9 was well-received on the whole, thus making it worth checking out by interested individuals.

What Are Some Tips for WRC 9?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:




Go to the Challenges Mode (WRC 9 Cheats and Tips)

Those who are newcomers to the series should start out in Challenges Mode. This will provide them with an introduction to the basic mechanics, thus providing them with a strong foundation on which to build their expertise and experience. For that matter, even if interested individuals have played the series before, they should consider checking out Challenges Mode before the rest of the content. Yes, their previous experience will prove to be very useful. However, it is important to remember that these long-running series do see real changes from title to title, meaning that outdated information can cost them in the most inopportune of moments.

The Co-Driver Provides Useful Information

The co-drivers provides a lot of useful information on what the player can expect to see. Unfortunately, they will do so using jargon, meaning that interested individuals should master this sooner rather than later. Otherwise, they will be playing at a serious disadvantage throughout.

For starters, when the co-driver states a number from one to six, they are describing the sharpness of an upcoming curve. One means something very sharp, meaning that interested individuals will need to brake hard. In contrast, six means nothing more than a slight bend, meaning that interested individuals might not even need to stop accelerating. Meanwhile, close indicates that the curve will become tighter towards the end, while open up indicates that the curve will open up at its apex. Similarly, do not cut indicates that there are obstacles on the inside of the curve, whereas keep inside indicates that there are obstacles on the outside of the curve. Over the hilltop is exactly what it sounds like, which is a potential problem because there might be stretches where the player won’t be able to see what is to come. Thirty to two hundred is something that can come at the end of a statement, which makes sense because it means that the curve will be followed by a straight line. As for hairpin or narrow hairpin, well, suffice to say that these indicate a curve so tight that interested individuals might want to drift around it.

Some Upgrades Are More Useful than Others

There are upgrades in the Career Mode. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some upgrades are more useful than others. Generally speaking, interested individuals are going to want to prioritize the blue upgrades over the others because those make their cars more reliable. Something that has a couple of very important effects. One, their car will take less damage. Two, their car will be repaired faster than otherwise possible. Once interested individuals have a car that they can count upon, they can put their points in the upgrades of their choosing. For most people, red upgrades and yellow upgrades will make the most sense. The first will boost the performance of their car, while the second will boost the performance of their crew.

Don’t Bother with the Scenery (WRC 9 Cheats and Tips)

WRC 9 is one of those titles that have beautiful scenery but will punish the player for checking it out. After all, every moment spent looking at the scenery is a moment that could have been spent on paying attention to the race course. This is a huge problem because even a small distraction can cause the player to go off-course, thus causing their chances of winning to plummet. Something that is particularly important because WRC 9 can be rather unforgiving in this regard.

Events Are Important (WRC 9 Cheats and Tips)

It is natural for players to focus on races in a racing game. However, interested individuals need to remember that events are still very important. For example, manufacturer test runs offer the chance to move up a category in the current season, which is very useful. Likewise, maintenance events offer the chance for a full repair provided that interested individuals have the skill needed to hit the requirements. As for recovery, it ensures that the support staff will be available when the player needs them. Anyone who doubts the importance of this should try racing without weather forecasts.

Each Race Course Has Its Peculiarities

As always, each race course has its own peculiarities. For example, the one in Japan combines well-paved surfaces intervaled with some brutal turns that sometimes make drifting impossible because of low width. In contrast, the one in New Zealand offers smooth roads and predictable turns, meaning that it is a chance for interested individuals to go maximum speed. There are a couple of things that the player should take from this. One, they should do their best to memorize the race courses because that will give them a very real advantage in navigating the challenges to come. Two, they should tailor their setup to each race course. To continue using the earlier examples, speed isn’t going to be the biggest priority on the player’s list in Japan. Yes, it is nice to have. Unfortunately, they aren’t going to be able to make full use of it because there are too many turns. Instead, speed becomes much more important in New Zealand because the way that the race course is laid out will enable interested individuals to exploit it to full advantage.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Ultimately, if there is one piece of advice that interested individuals should keep in mind, it is that practice will enable them to overcome every single challenge that they come upon. As a rough rule of thumb, they should always play on a setting that challenges them but isn’t overwhelming, thus enabling them to get better without getting disheartened in the process. Over time, interested individuals should make sure to increase the difficulty step by step to maintain this set of circumstances.