Olija Cheats and Tips



What Is Olija? (Olija Cheats and Tips)

Olija is an action game that has been released for the PC, the PS4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. It has been compared to the Castlevania series by some, which should tell interested individuals much about what to expect from its presentation.

What Are Some Tips for Olija?

Here are some important suggestions to keep in mind:

Master the Harpoon (Olija Cheats and Tips)

Faraday’s Harpoon is an important item in the narrative. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this means that interested individuals should master its use as soon as possible. In particular, they should practice throwing the Harpoon before teleporting to its location, which will be used to solve a wide range of problems in a wide range of locations. Be warned that the Harpoon must be stuck in something rather than lying on the ground before teleportation becomes possible.

You Can Chain Teleports (Olija Cheats and Tips)

On a related note, it is possible to chain teleports. Essentially, when Faraday teleports to a location that is situated high-up, he will have some hangtime before he starts falling. During this hangtime, interested individuals can throw the Harpoon to a new location before teleporting there, thus enabling them to reach otherwise unreachable places. Conveniently, Faraday doesn’t fall at the fastest speed, meaning that it is possible to throw again if the first throw misses the intended target.

Throw the Harpoon Into Eyeballs and Open Spaces

Eyeballs aren’t what most people would consider to be the sturdiest structures in nature. However, it seems safe to say that magical eyeball monsters play by a separate set of rules. For proof, look no further than the fact that eyeballs will prove to be convenient Harpoon targets on numerous occasions in Olija, so much so that if interested individuals are stuck, they should start looking for eyeballs. Besides this, it should be mentioned that open spaces in suspicious locations should be Harpooned as well. This is because these sometimes indicate points that can’t be seen but can be Harpooned, thus enabling interested individuals to teleport there.

You Cannot Harpoon the Cages

Having said this, the Harpoon can’t be used for everything. This can be seen in how interested individuals won’t be able to Harpoon the cages containing Faraday’s crew members. Instead, they will have to reach the rope suspending each cage before using the sword to cut it. Unfortunately, the path to reaching the rope won’t always be clear. However, since there is but one place where the rope can be situated, interested individuals should have a general idea of where they should be searching. Sometimes, the path will be concealed by breakable obstacles. Other times, the path must be reached using some well-timed Harpooning. Whatever the case, perseverance will eventually bring interested individuals to where they want to be.

Enemies Telegraph (Olija Cheats and Tips)

The player can expect a lot of fighting in Olija. However, this fighting will be fair in the sense that enemies will telegraph their movements, thus enabling interested individuals to predict what will happen. This will be important when fighting normal enemies because every hit will make Faraday less capable of overcoming the true challenges. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this will be even more important when fighting bosses because interested individuals shouldn’t expect to tank bombs, blades, and other weapons using flesh and blood. Simply put, paying attention is how interested individuals will know what to expect, which in turn, will tell them how to stay out of the way while still chipping away at their target bit by bit.






Check for Points that Can Be Harpooned

Speaking of which, one of the first things that interested individuals should do when they enter a boss battle is check for points that can be Harpooned. Their presence is a sign that they might have to teleport out of the way on a moment’s notice, meaning that it is a good idea for them to be prepared for such a course of action.