Fighting EX Layer Cheats and Tips



What Is Fighting EX Layer? (Fighting EX Layer Cheats and Tips)

Fighting EX Layer is a fighting game that was released by Arika in 2018. It is a successor to Fighting Layer from 1998. Furthermore, Fighting EX Layer can be considered a kind of spiritual successor to the Street Fighter EX series from the 1990s.

What Are Some Tips for Fighting EX Layer?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Play Every Character (Fighting EX Layer Cheats and Tips)

For starters, interested individuals should play every character. They don’t need to master the full roster. However, interested individuals do need to develop a solid understanding of what each character can and cannot do. There are a couple of reasons why this is so important. One, this is the surest way for them to find out which character or characters are best-suited for their particular playstyle. Two, they need to understand their opponent’s capabilities in order to counter them.

Get Used to Footsies (Fighting EX Layer Cheats and Tips)

Footsies is a common concept in fighting games. For those who are unfamiliar, it refers to a situation in which the two characters are engaging one another from medium range using low-risk and low-reward attacks. Footsies isn’t meant to bring down the opponent on its own. Instead, it is meant to bait the opponent into over-committing, thus enabling interested individuals to punish them with something more substantial. As such, someone who is skilled in this regard can exert considerable control over the course of a match. Something that can be very unpleasant for their opponent to say the least.

Look Into Frame Data (Fighting EX Layer Cheats and Tips)

Most people will gain a general sense of how far their attacks can reach by just playing Fighting EX Layer again and again. However, this process can be very inconsistent, meaning that interested individuals might want to go for something more thorough and methodical in nature. If so, they should look into the frame data, which refers to the frames of the animation for each attack. This is something that can take a fair amount of memorization. Still, it can be worthwhile for people who are looking to excel because being sure about whether their attacks will connect or not will enable them to make much better judgments than otherwise possible.

Practice Combos

Interested individuals should practice their combos. In part, this is because combos look cool, thus making them a very visible show of skill for fighting games. However, the more important reason is that the lack of opportunities to punish the opponent means that interested individuals need to capitalize on each one as much as possible. In other words, combos are a good way to do a lot of damage when the opponent’s defense slips up. Furthermore, if the player is facing a human opponent, a well-executed combo can rattle them, thus increasing the chances of them making mistakes.

Review Your Matches

It is a good idea for interested individuals to review their own matches. Essentially, they want to focus on a couple of things. First, they should go over what went right so that they can come up with ways to repeat those things in future matches. Second, they should go over what went wrong so that they can come up with ways to avoid those things in future matches. Interested individuals should be ruthless with their self-critique, though not to the point of demoralizing themselves.