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What Is Disjunction? (Disjunction Cheats and Tips)

Disjunction is an action RPG that makes extensive use of stealth. Narrative-wise, it features three characters with three stories, which unfold in a dystopian version of New York City.

What Are Some Tips for Disjunction?

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Use Stealth (Disjunction Cheats and Tips)

In case it needs to be said, interested individuals should use stealth. Disjunction isn’t one of those stealth games in which they have no offensive options whatsoever. In fact, interested individuals can make a fair amount of progress even if they insist on shooting their way through the concentrated opposition every single time. However, the enemies in Disjunction are quite dangerous, so much so that there will come a time when it is easier to use stealth than to use brute force. As a result, interested individuals would do well to master stealth before they hit this point.

There Are Both Lethal and Non-Lethal Options

Like a lot of stealth games, Disjunction has both lethal and non-lethal options for taking out enemies. Interested individuals can choose whichever one suits them more in the moment. However, they should know that such choices can affect not just the outcome of their current mission but also the outcome of the game as a whole.

The Characters Are Not Limited to Their Specialties

Each of the characters leans in a particular direction. However, the use of upgrades means that they aren’t limited to their particular specialties. For instance, it is possible to make a stealth-oriented character into a more shooting-oriented character by upgrading their weapon. Having said this, what makes Disjunction neat is that it is possible to switch around their upgrades as well as their experience points. Thanks to this, interested individuals should make sure to experiment with the full range of options that are available to them, thus enabling them to pick out the playstyle that is most compatible with their personal preferences.

Be Patient (Disjunction Cheats and Tips)

As mentioned earlier, stealth will prove to be very useful. Due to this, interested individuals would do well to cultivate a sense of patience, which is always important for success in stealth games. Yes, they have special abilities that can be used to help them slip through their opposition. However, interested individuals should be careful with their use even though they will have opportunities to restore their spent energy. Instead, the most tried-and-true solution in this stealth game is the same as in a lot of other stealth games, which is to say, waiting for enemies to put themselves in a vulnerable position before moving behind them to knock them unconscious. This might not be very exciting, but this is unmatched when it comes to pure practicality.

Don’t Let Down Your Guard (Disjunction Cheats and Tips)

There are checkpoints in Disjunction. Thanks to this, interested individuals will be able to keep some of their progress whenever they mess up. However, they should never let down their guard in the game because some of the checkpoints can be situated very far from one another. As a result, a moment’s carelessness can be punishing. On the plus side, the checkpoint system means that interested individuals should feel free to experiment with various ways to overcome the latest obstacles.