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What Is Bonkies? (Bonkies Cheats and Tips)

Bonkies is a couch game in which players work to colonize the solar system as monkeys. Cooperation is very important in it, meaning that interested individuals will want to have a good team with them.

What Are Some Tips for Bonkies? (Bonkies Cheats and Tips)

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More Players Make Challenges More Manageable

In the real world, it is possible that adding more people to a project will lower their overall productivity. This is because they can get in each other’s way while some of them can lack positions from which they can contribute to their overall success. Fortunately, this isn’t the case in Bonkies. If anything, interested individuals will want to bring the maximum number of players to each mission because this is very much a game in which more hands will make for lighter work. In fact, some of those missions are on the verge of being unmanageable with just two players, meaning that having more interested individuals make for the best results.

There Is More than One Way to Control the Bionic Arm

Interested individuals can expect to get a lot of use out of their bionic arm. By default, it will orient itself facing one of the four cardinal directions. However, it is possible to lift this restriction if interested individuals want a more responsive tool at their disposal. Of course, they will want to get in some practice with their bionic arm before they do anything challenging. Otherwise, they could find the lifting of said restriction backfiring upon them because it will require more skill to use.

It Is Possible for the Jetpack to Overload

The jetpack is an excellent means of transportation. Unfortunately, it is possible for it to overload when it is being pushed to its limits. In particular, be careful about boosting too much as well as boosting while carrying a heavier-than-normal load because that will increase the chances of an overload. Although the consequences of an overload can be amusing, they won’t do wonders for the players’ progress on their current mission. In fact, an overloaded jetpack can send them flying with sufficient force to knock over their own structure, which is not good to say the least. As such, interested individuals should be careful with their use of the jetpack because the potential consequences are so notable.

There Are Secret Hats (Bonkies Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of amusing things, there are secret hats in Bonkies. These are unlocked when the players are asked to input three-letter names to identify themselves on the screen. By entering the right three-letter name, interested individuals can give themselves a visual bonus to make themselves stand out even more. For example, LIT will unlock a pair of glasses. Similarly, SIR will unlock a top hat. There are more than 30 of these names, so it can be worthwhile for interested individuals to guess at others.

You Can Unlock Playable Characters (Bonkies Cheats and Tips)

There are playable characters that can be unlocked in Bonkies. This is done by beating missions under certain time limits, thus enabling interested individuals to pick up bananas that can be used for this particular purpose.