Redout: Space Assault Cheats and Tips




What Is Redout: Space Assault?

Redout: Space Assault is a space shooter. This can come as a surprise, seeing as how its predecessor was a racer. In any case, interested individuals should expect an on-rails experience, which may or may not come as welcome news depending on their personal preferences.

What Are Some Tips For Redout: Space Assault?

Keep these suggestions in mind:





Keep Moving (Redout: Space Assault Cheats and Tips)

Space shooters being space shooters, interested individuals can’t expect to stay alive by staying still. Instead, they need to remain constantly on the move to make it as difficult for their enemies to shoot them as possible. This is particularly important in this game because a lot of projectiles have the ability to home in to various extents.

Your Shields Recharge (Redout: Space Assault Cheats and Tips)

The player’s health is separated into two parts. One would be their shields, while the other would be their hull. Interested individuals shouldn’t get too stressed out about taking one or two hits on their shields. Yes, they don’t have a lot of shields unless they have been upgrading it. However, interested individuals can expect their lost shields to recharge so long as they avoid further damage. Meanwhile, hits on the hull are nowhere near as forgiving, meaning that they should make an extra effort to avoid those. On top of that, there are some side-objectives that will require them to maintain a perfectly untouched hull, so there is that incentive as well.

Beware of Missiles (Redout: Space Assault Cheats and Tips)

Some projectiles are more dangerous than others. For instance, interested individuals should do their best to avoid missiles because each one will do a great deal of damage to their ship. If they are struggling to pick up on the presence of missiles, they should keep a watchful eye out for the missiles’ telltale trails. Furthermore, interested individuals should know that their screen will start flashing faster and faster when a missile gets closer and closer, so that is a cue for them to barrel-roll out of the way.

Boost and Brake (Redout: Space Assault Cheats and Tips)

Both boosting and braking will prove to be very useful. In the first case, it is very common for side-objectives to be completing the current mission within a certain time limit. As such, interested individuals should be using their boosters whenever the chance comes up so that they can make good time. In the second case, brakes should be used whenever they want an extra measure of maneuverability. Sometimes, this means moving forward without slamming into an obstacle at less than optimal speeds. Other times, this means exploring the environment to see what can be turned up.

Don’t Be Predictable in Boss Battles

A lot of the bosses have been programmed so that they will lead their shots. As such, if interested individuals use very predictable movement paths, they can expect to eat a lot of those shots. Suffice to say that isn’t a good idea, seeing as how the bosses will have a lot more health than them. Instead, the best option is to zigzag throughout a boss battle while blowing up the boss’s components one by one with focused fire.