Destruction AllStars Cheats and Tips




What Is Destruction AllStars? (Destruction AllStars Cheats and Tips)

Destruction AllStars is a game that is all about vehicular combat. Each of the 16 titular characters has their own special vehicle with its own special capabilities. However, it is interesting to note that the loss of a vehicle isn’t the end of things, particularly since the AllStars have special powers that can be used when they are on foot.

What Are Some Tips For Destruction AllStars?

Here are some things that might be worth keeping in mind:





Start Out with a Roll (Destruction AllStars Cheats and Tips)

Being in a vehicle is much better than being out of a vehicle. As a result, interested individuals should make their way to one of the waiting vehicles at the start of a round as soon as possible. They can get a speed boost by rolling when they hit the ground, which can be very important if either they or their opponents are looking to get started right away.

Try Out Everyone (Destruction AllStars Cheats and Tips)

It is very important for interested individuals to try out every single one of the Allstars. By doing so, they can expect to collect a couple of benefits. One, interested individuals can pick out the characters who are best-suited for their particular playstyle. Two, interested individuals can better counter the choices of their opponents.

Master Movement on Foot (Destruction AllStars Cheats and Tips)

Mastering vehicular controls is a must. However, mastering movement on foot should be considered a must as well. This is particularly true because there are a lot of fundamentals that can make a surprising difference in performance. For example, jumping from a great height is dangerous because the player-character can become vulnerable by losing their footing. To prevent this, perform a Landing Boost for a much smoother transition than otherwise possible. Similarly, if interested individuals are being chased by one of their opponents, they might want to consider running at a barrier before vaulting over it with no loss of momentum whatsoever. Something that might not be so simple for the pursuer.

Master the Dodge

Speaking of which, the dodge is another critical component of the footbound experience. Whenever interested individuals see lightning bolts around their character’s head, they should dodge because that means that a vehicle is coming their way. It is possible to get out of the way by jumping. However, that will need more time to clear, meaning the loss of more control over the situation. On top of that, a well-timed dodge can be the setup for seizing control of the incoming vehicle.

Tailor Your Tactics to Your Vehicle

Naturally, the kind of vehicle that interested individuals are driving should determine their tactics. After all, a big, beefy truck can take more hits. However, it won’t be able to chase down its smaller, speedier counterparts. Similarly, smaller vehicles shouldn’t seek to challenge their bigger counterparts head-on but should instead follow them while waiting for the chance to come in from the side.