Control Ultimate Edition Cheats and Tips



What Is Control Ultimate Edition? (Control Ultimate Edition Cheats and Tips)

Control is an action-adventure game. In it, the player has to explore the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, which is responsible for containing as well as studying paranormal phenomenon. Control Ultimate Edition includes both the base game and its two expansions, thus making it a convenient way for interested individuals to get everything all at once.

What Are Some Tips For Control Ultimate Edition?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:





Pay Attention to the Control Points (Control Ultimate Edition Cheats and Tips)

The player should always have a clear idea of where the nearest Control Point can be found. Primarily, this is because they can use Control Points to heal themselves, thus returning them to fighting condition. However, it should also be mentioned that they can use Control Points to respawn. As such, if interested individuals are struggling, they should head for the nearest Control Point to salvage what they can of the situation.

Talk, Talk, Talk (Control Ultimate Edition Cheats and Tips)

Control is one of those action-adventure games that put a fair amount of emphasis on their narrative. Due to this, it is a good idea for the player to talk to the characters until every single conversation option has been used up. Sometimes, this will provide them with sidequests, thus making them more capable of handling the game’s challenges. Other times, this will provide them with insight into exactly what is going on, which can be worthwhile on its own. Whatever it is that interested individuals care about, thoroughness in this regard will be well-rewarded.

Revisit Areas (Control Ultimate Edition Cheats and Tips)

There are secrets concealed throughout Control, including some that cannot be uncovered unless the player has the right power. First, this means that interested individuals should put serious effort into searching for secrets. Second, this means that interested individuals should revisit areas once they get their hands on Levitate.

Be Agile and Aggressive

The player should be agile and aggressive whenever they get into a fight. They need to keep moving because they don’t want their enemies to catch up to them, which is bad because they will run out of health long before their enemies run out of health in a slugging match. Instead, the best course of action tends to be launching some attacks, repositioning, and then launching some more attacks until all enemies have been eliminated. As for aggression, the gist of it is that eliminated enemies will drop blue shards that can be used for some mid-combat healing. The player can take advantage of this by prioritizing weaker enemies so that they will have a pool of waiting pick-me-ups if they struggle against stronger enemies. Of course, being agile and aggressive doesn’t mean being suicidal. The game has a cover system for a reason, which is particularly true when fighting bosses.

Check the Surroundings For Puzzle Solutions

If the player gets stuck on a puzzle, they should check its surroundings to see if they can find notes, illustrations, and other potential hints of the puzzle solution. The puzzles aren’t too difficult, so these hints should provide interested individuals with more than enough information to make it through.