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What Is Project Winter? (Project Winter Cheats and Tips)

Project Winter is a survival game that is meant to by played by multiple individuals over the Internet. Teamwork is needed to ensure everyone’s survival. However, this is complicated by the presence of traitors on the team, who will become more and more dangerous as the game continues.

What Are Some Tips For Project Winter?

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A Team of Three Can Win the Game (Project Winter Cheats and Tips)

The fundamental issue is that players have a very hard time trusting one another. However, if someone can find two trustworthy teammates to stand with them, that should be enough to sweep everything before them. As such, players should put serious effort into either finding two trustworthy teammates or preventing that from happening.

Building Trust Is Critical (Project Winter Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, building trust is one of the most important processes in the game. After all, one side needs to build trust for the purpose of promoting better teamwork, while the other side needs to build trust for the purpose of fooling their targets. The simplest method would be helping out. However, interested individuals should make sure that they are seen helping out for the biggest benefit possible.

Give Good Directions (Project Winter Cheats and Tips)

Giving good directions can be a very useful skill. As a rough rule of thumb, combine a direction with a notable landmark to ensure enough information to enable interested individuals to make their way to the indicated location. Anything less than that can be worse than useless because not everyone will be working with the same information. Even worse, vague directions could be interpreted to mean that someone is a traitor seeking to lure out teammates.

Be Prepared to Run

Sometimes, the player has no choice but to run from an unwinnable situation. When that happens, they should toss whatever they have in hand for an extra measure of speed because they need to ensure a successful escape. Suffice to say life-or-death scenarios aren’t the best time to hedge bets in this game.

Communicate On a Regular Basis

It is a good idea to communicate on a regular basis. One of the reasons would be building trust, which is particularly important because someone refusing to communicate can expect a fast build-up of suspicion towards them. However, communication is also a good way for everyone to coordinate while providing the survivors with an easier time figuring out what happened if one of them gets taken out. As for the traitors, communication is an invaluable source of information that should be exploited to the utmost.

Don’t Tell Everyone Everything

The trick lies in giving enough information to build trust and promote teamwork but not enough information to be rendered vulnerable. Simply put, if someone says exactly where they are going to be, they make it very easy for a traitor to sneak up on them. Of course, giving false information can be a useful way to lure out traitors, though if executed poorly, it can also look extremely suspicious. In any case, the location of a beacon is also something that shouldn’t be revealed to everyone right away.