The Medium Cheats and Tips




What Is The Medium? (The Medium Cheats and Tips)

The Medium is a psychological horror that has been released for the PC as well as the Xbox Series X. It is centered on a woman named Marianne who visits an abandoned resort for the purpose of understanding a recurring dream.

What Are Some Tips For The Medium?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:





Put On Headphones (The Medium Cheats and Tips)

It is recommended for people to put on a pair of headphones when playing through The Medium. In part, this is because this makes for a more atmospheric experience, thus making the whole thing that much more enjoyable. However, it should also be noted that there are audio clues that can be found throughout the entire game, which can be very useful for interested individuals who are stuck.

Use Insight (The Medium Cheats and Tips)

The player should be using Insight on a regular basis. This is because it highlights items of interest, thus enabling them to investigate their surroundings in a much more effective manner than otherwise possible. As a rough rule of thumb, interested individuals should use Insight whenever they come upon a new scene so that they know where to start looking.

You Can Be Heard in the Stealth Sequences

There are stealth sequences. Sometimes, this happens in the real world. Other times, this happens in the supernatural world.

In the first scenario, the pursuer cannot see the player-character but can still hear the player-character. This includes her breathing, which is why the player will need to hold her breath when the pursuer is near. Be careful not to overdo it because that will cause the player-character to pass out. It is useful to note that Insight can reveal the pursuer’s level of suspicion, thus making it much easier to figure out when to move and when not to move.

In the second scenario, the pursuer becomes much more dangerous because they can see the player-character. As such, interested individuals should collect energy by interacting with the white orbs. This will enable them to blind the pursuer with a lightshow if they are on the verge of being caught, thus enabling them to make a run for it.

Beware the Moths (The Medium Cheats and Tips)

One excellent example of audio clues would be the sound of moths. This tells interested individuals that they should be shielding themselves so that they won’t be hurt by the phenomenon. However, the shield is like the aforementioned lightshow. The player can’t use it unless they have energy, which must be collected from white orbs. Interested individuals might need to spend some time searching for them as well as unlocking the use of them. Once they have done so, they will be able to make their way through the moths.

Out-of-Body Experiences Can Be Useful

Out-of-body experiences can be a useful tool for someone who has become stuck. Essentially, there are places that can’t be reached by the player-character in the real world. However, she can leave her body before using that to reach otherwise unreachable places. There is an issue in that the player-character will die if the out-of-body experience lasts for too long. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be a huge concern so long as interested individuals pay attention because they can return in an instant. If the player notices that the player-character is starting to deteriorate, it is time for them to stop.