Curse of the Dead Gods Cheats and Tips




What Is Curse of the Dead Gods?

Curse of the Dead Gods is an action-oriented roguelike. It possesses a lot of roguelike staples. However, it also introduces enough changes to enable it to stand out from the crowd. Something that might intrigue interested individuals.

What Are Some Tips For Curse of the Dead Gods?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:





Search Everything (Curse of the Dead Gods Cheats and Tips)

As a rough rule of thumb, the player should search everything. Essentially, the more that they search, the more loot that they can collect. Having more resources at the end of each run will enable them to make more improvements to themselves, thus empowering them to make more progress on each subsequent run. In particular, interested individuals will want to keep a watchful eye out for hidden rooms, which are very much a thing in this game.

Fight in the Light (Curse of the Dead Gods Cheats and Tips)

The player should fight in the light as much as possible because they will take extra damage when they fight in the dark. Sometimes, interested individuals will want to make their way to an existing light source before making their stand. Other times, well, suffice to say that there is a reason that both enemies and certain environmental objects can be set aflame. In any case, if the player isn’t sure whether they are in the light or the dark, they can check the icon at the bottom center of the screen to say for sure.

Traps Have No Eyes (Curse of the Dead Gods Cheats and Tips)

Traps can be a huge nuisance. However, it is worth mentioning that traps do not distinguish between allies and enemies, meaning that they can be turned to the player’s advantage. For example, the player can shove enemies into a set of spikes with good timing as well as good positioning. Similarly, the player should be able to keep themselves safe around dangerous traps so long as they are paying attention. Something that can’t be said for their pursuers.

Corruption Can Be Both Help and Hindrance

Corruption is an interesting system with both upsides and downsides. In short, the player can get corruption points by entering new rooms, taking certain attacks, and offering blood rather than gold for blessings. Once they get 100 corruption points, they get a random curse. Amusingly, these can be very interesting because they can force changes in the way that interested individuals play. For instance, there is a curse that causes slain enemies to explode, which can be extremely dangerous for not just the player but also everyone around the player. Besides this, more corruption increases the chances of finding cursed weapons and relics, which can be very powerful. However, if the player picks up five curses, they will start losing health on a constant basis.

Always Keep Some Stamina in Reserve (Curse of the Dead Gods Cheats and Tips)

Stamina is used for fueling not just certain attacks but also getting out of the way. As such, interested individuals should always keep some in reserve. Primarily, this is so that they can dodge an incoming attack. However, it should be mentioned that well-timed dodges and parties can restore stamina, thus enabling them to maintain their momentum.