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What Is Capcom Arcade Stadium?

Capcom Arcade Stadium is a collection of Capcom’s arcade games. In total, there are 32 titles, which were released over a period from the mid 1980s to the early 2000s. As such, Capcom Arcade Stadium contains much for interested individuals to dig into.

What Are Some Tips For Capcom Arcade Stadium?

Here are tips for some of the titles:






Ghosts ‘n Goblins (Capcom Arcade Stadium Cheats and Tips)

Arcade games have a reputation for being difficult. Since it came out in 1985, it should come as no surprise to learn that the original Ghosts ‘n Goblins was one of the titles responsible for said reputation.

There are a couple of tips for interested individuals to keep in mind. One, they should never let down their guard because the game loves its unwelcome surprises. Two, they should learn about its potential threats as soon as possible because forewarned is forearmed. For example, crows come in both blue and red. The blue crows are limited to horizontal movement, whereas the red crows are capable of diagonal movement as well. Meanwhile, magicians won’t show up unless the player hits either the tombstones in Stage 1 or the rocks in Stage 3 a total of 15 times. They give 2,000 points upon being destroyed, but they are best avoided because their spell can turn the player into a helpless frog for a short while. As for Red Arremers, well, suffice to say that these monsters are infamous for a reason. Each one starts out on the ground before jumping into the air when fired upon. After which, Red Arremers will use a mix of dives and fireballs. If the player manages to survive one for 60 seconds, it will turn white before becoming even more aggressive. As such, it is best to take out Red Arremers before this can happen.

Commando (Capcom Arcade Stadium Cheats and Tips)

Commando is a run and gun. However, it isn’t a side-scroller. Instead, it is a vertical scroller. Still, Commando‘s mechanics aren’t that different from those of its successors, not least because it winded up inspiring a lot of them.

In any case, it is a good idea to keep some hand grenades on hand in this game. After all, the assault rifle comes with infinite ammunition, whereas the same cannot be said for the hand grenades. This is particularly true because the resulting explosions can clear out obstacles as well as eliminate multiple clumped-up enemies, both of which will prove to be very useful on a regular basis. Be warned that hand grenades are always thrown towards the top of the screen no matter what direction the player is facing. Something that can limit their usefulness if the player is too far out in front.

Dynasty Wars (Capcom Arcade Stadium Cheats and Tips)

Dynasty Wars is one of a number of Capcom titles based on the manga Tenchi wo Kurau. In turn, the manga is based on the collapse of the Han Dynasty, which resulted in the formation of the states of Wei under Cao Cao, Shu under Liu Bei, and Wu under Sun Quan. Dynasty Wars is a beat-’em-up centered on Liu Bei and three of his most notable subordinates – Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, collectibles are very important in this beat-’em-up. Yellow orbs fuel level-ups, while blue orbs fuel weapon upgrades. Treasure gives out points, but food is even more important because it gives out health so that the player can continue fighting. Controls-wise, the game is very simple, though there is a special attack that can be activated in exchange for a huge chunk of health. As such, interested individuals should hold it in reserve for an opportune movement in which it will prove worthwhile. Otherwise, they could very well wind up killing themselves.

Street Fighter II (Capcom Arcade Stadium Cheats and Tips)

Street Fighter is a name that needs no introduction. Meanwhile, Street Fighter II might be primitive, but it is very much recognizable as the same kind of game as modern fighters. In fact, it was the titles that introduced some of the genre’s core concepts, with an excellent example being combos.

Regardless, the basic formula for success in a fighter is true in a title. Interested individuals should give each playable character a try to understand what they can and cannot do. After which, they should settle on one or two favorites to focus upon. When fighting, interested individuals should be careful about starting out with big, splashy attacks because those are hard to land, meaning that they don’t want to get punished by their opponent when they miss. Instead, small, fast, tight attacks are the best openers because they are relatively safe while still allowing for combos when they successfully connect. Even though combos were an accident in Street Fighter II, they are still worth memorizing because they allow for maximum damage from each slip-up on the opponent’s part. Sometimes, the player might find themselves in the position of pummeling an opponent who is turtling. If so, they should proceed to the good, old-fashioned grab and toss to break their defense.


Progear is the newest of the Capcom titles included in the collection. Even so, it can claim two decades, seeing as how it came out in 2001. In any case, Progear is a bullet hell game, which is exactly what it sounds like.

As a rough rule of thumb, interested individuals should maintain a medium field of focus in bullet hell games. If they pay too much attention to the big picture, they run the risk of missing something that will kill them, which is a real shame because the bullet patterns in bullet hell games tend to be beautiful. Meanwhile, if they pay too much attention to their immediate surroundings, they run the risk of putting themselves in a no-win situation because they failed to see the dangers developing before them. Interested individuals can focus all of their attention on a single part of the screen at the expense of everything else if they need to. However, they can’t keep that up for very long because bullet hell games are fast-moving by definition.

Besides this, it is worth mentioning that there is both a Pilot mode and a Gunner mode in this game. The first mode makes for increased maneuverability, while the second fire makes for locked-on fire. Please note that being slower isn’t necessarily a bad thing when navigating bullet patterns because over-enthusiastic movement can kill with the same ease as a slow response time. However, there will be times when speed is useful, meaning that interested individuals should definitely switch between these two modes. Moreover, there is more than one option for both Pilot and Gunner, so it is possible to change the performance of these two modes.

Mega Twins

Mega Twins is a platformer in which the titular characters have to save their homeland. Both have a sword as well as a limited number of magic bombs. The blue twin has a better sword, which is important because the sword is always available. Meanwhile, the red twin has the ability to carry more magic bombs, which is important because they are much more powerful than the sword. In any case, exploration for concealed treasure is critical. Most will provide score bonuses. However, there are upgrades that can be found as well, thus enabling the player to make more progress.