Taxi Chaos Cheats and Tips




What Is Taxi Chaos? (Taxi Chaos Cheats and Tips)

Taxi Chaos is a game in which interested individuals pick up passengers before driving them to their destinations in the fastest, most stylish manner possible. As such, it can be considered a kind of spiritual successor to Crazy Taxi, though whether it lives up to that heritage or not is a whole other issue.

What Are Some Tips For Taxi Chaos?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Use Better Cars For Better Results

Perhaps unsurprisingly, better cars will make for better results. As such, interested individuals should put serious effort into unlocking a superior ride from the very start. Fortunately, there are some cars that can be unlocked by just driving around as well as delivering customers to their destinations. Unfortunately, there are other cars that are much more difficult to unlock. As in, interested individuals will have to get high scores on Pro Mode, which is the one that will require the memorization of the map because it has no guiding arrows. There is no secret for overcoming that kind of challenge. Instead, it will require real expertise and experience.

Use Your Boosts (Taxi Chaos Cheats and Tips)

Time matters. Due to this, interested individuals should use the boost whenever they pick up a new customer. However, they need to make sure that their car is pointed in the right direction, which is why they should orient while their customer is still getting into their car. After which, interested individuals can release the buttons that they have been holding for a roaring start rather than an immediate slam into an obstacle. In the end, this will make for just a few seconds’ difference, but it is by securing those small differences whenever and wherever possible that people can get the best times.

Don’t Hit the Cops (Taxi Chaos Cheats and Tips)

A certain degree of reckless is a desirable trait for someone seeking to get high scores in this game. After all, high risks can set up high rewards, which is why interested individuals should go for it whenever they see a good risk-reward ratio. Having said that, there are cases in which risk-taking is a very bad idea. For instance, safe driving is a better choice than risky driving whenever cops are around. This is because hitting a cop will result in a $50 ticket. Something that can add up with terrifying speed for those who are too reckless.

Don’t Jump Unless You Are Confident (Taxi Chaos Cheats and Tips)

There is a jump in this game. It can be used to bypass obstacles such as a line of cars stuck in a traffic jam. Similarly, it can be used to access certain shortcuts such as a makeshift path over the rooftops. Unfortunately, the jump comes with a couple of serious drawbacks. One, it isn’t as reliable as it could be, meaning that interested individuals might not wind up where they want to wind up. Two, the jump comes with an noticeable slowdown that will cost the player precious seconds. As such, it is best for interested individuals to avoid jumping unless they are confident that it will be worthwhile.