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What Is Maquette? (Maquette Cheats and Tips)

Maquette is a first-person puzzle game. Story-wise, it offers a very relatable kind of romance. However, Maquette stands out because of its puzzles, which play with scale in a very memorable way. Suffice to say that they are much better experienced than described.

What Are Some Tips For Maquette?

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Collect the Trophies (Maquette Cheats and Tips)

There are 16 normal trophies and 7 hidden trophies in this game. The normal trophies are very simple and straightforward by the standards of a puzzle game anyways. Essentially, interested individuals just have to complete the game. After which, they have to beat a designated time for each of the chapters. Once interested individuals know the puzzle solutions, they should have no problem running through them faster and faster until they meet the requirements.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the 7 hidden trophies that will prove more problematic, not least because they are hidden. Still, interested individuals will be able to stumble upon some of them by just playing through the game. For example, Open Sesame is handed out for opening a door for the first time. Similarly, Precise Placement is handed out for rotating an item for a better fit. Others are more challenging. One example would be Breakout, which needs the player to upscale the key in the Maquette in order to make their way to the outside area. Another example would be Into the Darkness, which needs the player to jump into the void in the Spiral. As for Crew Creatures, well, suffice to say that interested individuals will need to put serious effort into finding every single object of relevance.

Have Save Files For the Start of Each Chapter (Maquette Cheats and Tips)

It is a good idea to have a save file for the start of each chapter. This is because there is no chapter select in this game, meaning that this is needed as a serviceable substitute. After all, interested individuals are by no means guaranteed to be able to beat all of the designated times in either a single run or a single speed-run. As a result, they are going to get stressed-out if they have to run through the entire game in order to get another chance at one of the later chapters. Having a save file for the start of each chapter is a simple but sensible precaution. This is true even if interested individuals aren’t planning on getting every single trophy because this makes it much easier for them to replay the game in a manner of their choosing.

Understand the Core Mechanic (Maquette Cheats and Tips)

This game has been called a recursive puzzle game, which makes sense because each chapter sees smaller-scaled settings nestled within bigger versions of themselves. The core mechanic to the puzzles is simple. There are certain objects that can’t be interacted with at a certain size but can be interacted with at a different size. What happens to them on one scale happens to their counterparts on other scales, thus enabling puzzle-solving. On top of this, some of these objects can be brought into different scales, thus enabling even more puzzle-solving. There are puzzles that play with other concepts, but this is the one that interested individuals are going to need to master if they want to make good progress.