Loop Hero Cheats and Tips




What Is Loop Hero? (Loop Hero Cheats and Tips)

Loop Hero is a curious roguelike that combines elements from several different genres. Regardless, interested individuals should know that they won’t be taking on the challenges in a direct sense. Instead, they will be using the right cards to make the right changes to the world, thus bringing the hero closer and closer to a successful resolution.

What Are Some Tips For Loop Hero? (Loop Hero Cheats and Tips)

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:





Don’t Spawn the Boss Too Soon (Loop Hero Cheats and Tips)

RPGs being RPGs, it should come as no surprise to learn that interested individuals should avoid taking on the boss until they are ready. The problem in Loop Hero is that the boss will spawn upon the campfire once a certain number of cards have been played. Due to this, interested individuals shouldn’t play every single one of the cards that come into their hand because that will make for a much earlier boss fight. They will be much better-off if they let some of their lower-value cards get discarded, thus giving their hero more time to power up. Similarly, if they have Oblivion cards, they can use those to push back the boss battle by unmaking some of their less optimal card placements.

Be Willing to Cash Out (Loop Hero Cheats and Tips)

Losing a run will cost the player 70 percent of their resources, which is a painful hit to say the least. As such, interested individuals should know that it is possible for them to get away with all of their collected resources by choosing to retreat when they are within one tile of their campfire. If the player is unsure that their hero can come out on top against the challenges that are still awaiting them, well, the smart and sensible approach would be maximizing their gains by retreating.

Higher-Level Gear Isn’t Guaranteed to Be Better Gear

Higher-level gear tends to be better than lower-level gear. Unfortunately, this isn’t guaranteed to be true 100 percent of the time. In Loop Hero, higher-level gear has bigger numbers than lower-level gear, but that means very little unless those bigger numbers are applicable to the hero. For example, max HP and HP regen are very useful for the Warrior. In contrast, they are much less beneficial for the Rogue because the Rogue wants to avoid getting hit as much as possible. Instead, evasion, attack speed, and critical chance are much more important for said class. As for Necromancers, well, suffice to say that interested individuals should be focused on the maximum number of skeletons as well as attack speed to pump out the maximum number of skeletons as fast as possible. Besides that, magic HP can be a real life-saver as well.

Percentage-Based Stats Offer More Lasting Usefulness

Speaking of which, gear stats can come in either an integer form or a percentage form. As a rough rule of thumb, integer-based stats can be helpful in the early game. However, they will eventually become less and less useful because they won’t scale at the same rate as the enemies from loop to loop. Meanwhile, interested individuals can expect percentage-based stats to retain their usefulness into the late game, which should give them some ideas about what they should be going for when it comes to fitting out their hero.