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Easy steel (For Honor Cheats and Tips)

Complete the Basic and Advanced Tutorial to get 3,500 steel. This will allow you to unlock 7 of the 9 classes at the beginning of the game. You can also buy fewer classes and spend some steel on unlocking “Champion Status” time, which allows to gain bonus XP and other rewards for a limited time. If you are planning on only playing as a single faction, you can simply purchase all three locked classes for the Knights, Samurai, or Vikings.

All collectible locations (For Honor Cheats and Tips)

Search the indicated locations to find all 235 collectibles in the three campaigns (144 observables and 91 breakables). To get the “Lore Master” trophy, you must find all observables in the Knights, Samurai, and Vikings campaigns. The observables are certain objects in the game world that you can look at and press L1 to hear some lore. To get the “Hooligan” trophy, you must destroy all breakable objects across all three campaigns. They are wooden kegs and usually in plain sight. The collectibles are saved on the online servers instantly when collecting or breaking them. It is not necessary to reach the next checkpoint and you do not have to collect/break them again if you die. You can view how many you found in each mission at the mission selection screen. None of them are missable, as they can be collected/broken using mission select at any time. All the collectibles are sitting right next to each other and very quick to collect/break. The missions are short and the maps are very small — so it does not take long. You also get a new symbol for each mission where you find all the collectibles. These can be used to customize your character.


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