Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition Cheats and Tips




What Is Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition?

Mortal Shell is an action RPG that has received an Enhanced Edition for both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S. It took a considerable amount of inspiration from Dark Souls. However, Mortal Shell is more than capable of standing out on its own.

What Are Some Tips For Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition?

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Don’t Underestimate Your Enemies (Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition Cheats and Tips)

There are some RPGs in which interested individuals can rush into combat without a care in the world. Soulslikes being Soulslikes, it should come as no surprise to learn that Mortal Shell isn’t one of them because even weak enemies can kill the player in a matter of moments. As such, interested individuals should observe each enemy before moving in for the kill. This means staying at a distance so that they can use their target’s telegraphing to get out of the way of incoming attacks. With sufficient repetition, interested individuals should be able to figure out each enemy’s full repertoire, thus providing them with critical information for both their offense and their defense. Theoretically, if interested individuals can come up with the right counter for a particular attack, they can use it for every subsequent occasion. In practice, well, suffice to say that practice makes perfect.

Don’t Hoard Your Items (Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition Cheats and Tips)

Item hoarding is a common problem in RPGs. However, interested individuals should make regular use of the items that they will come upon in Mortal Shell. First, this is because they can expect to pick up more, meaning that they shouldn’t be afraid of using up something that they will soon need. Second, using items is how interested individuals can learn more about those items, thus providing them with boosts to the effects of those items.

You Need a Mental Map (Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition Cheats and Tips)

There is no map in Mortal Shell. Now, interested individuals can make their way through the game by consulting the maps that have been drawn up by the community. However, the more entertaining option tends to be coming up with a mental map of everything that has been experienced. In particular, interested individuals will want to keep memorable objects in mind to serve as landmarks. Sometimes, item respawn points can be very useful. Other times, purely cosmetic objects such as a broken bridge, a cluster of gravestones, or a particularly ugly tree will have to be enough.

There Are Three Defensive Options (Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition Cheats and Tips)

It is interesting to note that there are three defensive options in this game rather than the standard two. First, interested individuals can dodge out of the way of an incoming attack. Second, interested individuals can parry an incoming attack. Third, this game has something called hardening, which will let the player tank an incoming attack before resuming whatever they were doing before it. Hardening is something that will remain useful throughout the entire game, so it is a good idea to learn its duration as well as its other limitations as soon as possible. Having said that, interested individuals should also use kiting to minimize the number of enemies that they engage at any one time, which can combine with these defensive options to much better effect than otherwise possible. Simply put, the fewer the enemies, the smaller the chance of the player avoiding one attack just to get smacked by another.