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What Is GNOSIA? (GNOSIA Cheats and Tips)

GNOSIA is a very curious title. For starters, it is a visual novel centered on a spaceship crew, who must figure out which of them are humans and which of them are the titular aliens. If that sounds familiar, interested individuals should know that it is indeed a game of Mafia, Werewolf, or Among Us. However, what enables GNOSIA to stand out is that its incorporates both RPG mechanics and time travel mechanics, thus making for a much more memorable experience than otherwise possible.

What Are Some Tips For GNOSIA? (GNOSIA Cheats and Tips)

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Understand the Six Stats (GNOSIA Cheats and Tips)

For starters, interested individuals should familiarize themselves with the six stats, which are Charisma, Charm, Intuition, Logic, Performance, and Stealth. Charisma makes the player more influential, thus increasing the chance of other characters listening to them while decreasing the chance of other characters building up distrust towards them. Charm reduces the chance of other characters nominating the player for elimination, while Intuition makes it possible for the player to tell when another character isn’t telling the truth. Logic increases the chance of the player convincing someone else in an aggressive manner even if said character has cause to distrust them. Performance makes the player’s lies more believable, while Stealth makes it easier for the player to escape being killed by the Gnosia.

In the initial loops, interested individuals won’t have very good stats. As a result, they are going to struggle to survive. Never mind win. However, interested individuals will be able to earn experience for upgrading their stats in each loop, which is particularly important because their hard-earned stats will carry over from loop to loop. There is no optimal way to build up stats, but if interested individuals are just starting out, they should consider prioritizing their Charm as well as their Stealth so that they can collect more useful information by surviving longer.

Learn More Commands (GNOSIA Cheats and Tips)

On a related note, the player will start out with a very small number of commands, which in turn, make for a very limited range of options. As such, another good reason to raise their stats is to unlock more commands. Something that tends to happen at multiples of 5. For example, 20 Intuition will unlock Say You’re Human, which means asking everyone to say “I am human” for the purpose of picking up on liars. Similarly, 15 Charm will unlock Let’s Collaborate, which asks a specific character to work with the player in debates. By the time that interested individuals have raised every stat to 25, they should have unlocked most of the commands, thus providing them with a much more powerful arsenal than what they had at the start of the game.

You Can Play As the Gnosia

It is possible for the player to play as the Gnosia. When they do so, they should avoid eliminating the real Engineer and Doctor if either they or one of their fellow Gnosia is pretending to be one of those roles because that will make it very easy to tell that they aren’t who they are supposed to be. Character-wise, Jonas, Setsu, and Yuriko should be prioritized for earlier elimination, while Comet and Raqio can make for useful decoys because they are likelier to be suspected by the other characters.