Forspoken Trailer




Watch Forspoken Trailer

People have known about Square Enix’s Project Athia for the PC and the PS5 for some time. However, it has now been revealed that Project Athia will be coming out in 2022 under the final name of Forspoken.

For those who are curious, the upcoming title is an action-adventure game centered on a young woman named Frey Holland. She has magical powers, which she must use to survive in an extremely beautiful but also extremely dangerous land called Athia. Supposedly, Forspoken puts a heavy emphasis on narrative, though it remains to be seen how that will turn out.





In any case, interested individuals can get a first look at the upcoming title by checking out the trailer that has been released. Besides narrative, much emphasis is also being put on fluidity, which will be reliant on the PS5’s next-gen tech.

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