Samurai Warriors 4 Cheats and Tips




What Is Samurai Warriors 4? (Samurai Warriors 4 Cheats and Tips)

Koei Tecmo has released numerous hack and slash titles. For instance, there is the Samurai Warriors series, which is set in Sengoku era Japan. This was a time when central authority had collapsed, thus resulting in decades and decades of fighting throughout the country.

What Are Some Tips For Samurai Warriors 4?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:





You Have Two Kinds of Combos (Samurai Warriors 4 Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals will be using combos again and again in Samurai Warriors 4. Generally speaking, combos can be divided into two kinds. One, there are combos meant to take out single officers. Two, there are combos meant to take out entire crowds. Interested individuals should memorize which ones are which as soon as possible for the best results.

Use Both Combos When Fighting Single Officers

Officers are much more powerful than normal enemies. However, interested individuals should expect to use both kinds of combos when fighting them. This is because they can’t count on their allies to keep their enemies off of them, particularly if they have penetrated deep into enemy territory. As such, chances are good that interested individuals will get surrounded by normal enemies while fighting officers, meaning that they are going to need to do some crowd control from time to time to prevent potential distractions. Having said that, this changes if they are powerful enough because they can just take out their target before their enemies can move in.

Don’t Get Bogged Down (Samurai Warriors 4 Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, even though clearing out hundreds and hundreds of enemies is the Samurai Warriors series’s main selling point, interested individuals shouldn’t get bogged down. After all, they have both winning conditions that they should be pursuing and losing conditions that they should be preventing, meaning that they can’t afford to waste time. As a rough rule of thumb, interested individuals should prioritize their targets over other considerations. However, if they can take out enemy officers without wasting too much time, they should do so because officers are the strongest elements on the battlefield.

Use Character Switching (Samurai Warriors 4 Cheats and Tips)

Rushing from hotspot to hotspot might not be enough even if the player is using proper prioritization. This is particularly true if the player is using an underleveled character for whatever reason because that will have a very real effect on their speed when it comes to taking out enemies. Fortunately, Samurai Warriors 4 is one of the titles in the series with character switching, meaning that interested individuals can bring not one but two characters into a battle. This means that the player should position one of their characters far from the other, thus enabling them to cover a much wider swathe of the battlefield than otherwise possible. Please note that they should level up both characters for the best performance, though they don’t need to make sure that both have hit the same level. It is perfectly possible to use one character to handle the overwhelming majority of threats while keeping the other as a kind of reserve for unexpected emergencies.