Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Cheats


Secret rings (Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Cheats)

In dark souls 2 you can complete the game by entering new game plus. When you complete the game without resting at a bonfire or dieing you will be rewarded with 2 special rings, these rings will make your left hand and right hand weapon invisible, however, animation features can still be seen e.g twinblade spin effects. To get the right hand ring invisible you will need to go into new game plus without resting at a bonfire, for left hand, go into new game plus without dieing.

Engraved Gauntlets Glitch (Pre-Patch)

If you have an unpatched version of the game, this glitch still works. The engraved gauntlets give a chance for a normal hit to do the damage of a critical hit, like a backstab or riposte. Keep attacking until you trigger a critical hit from the gauntlets, then take off the gauntlets. Every hit will now become a critical, for a lot of damage. Will only work on PvE because you cannot play online without patching your game.

Gender Change Coffin

There’s a coffin in Things Betwix in the sand circle where the fat big guy stand. If you enter in that coffin your character will swap its gender with the major facial details.