Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Cheats


Class Unlocks (Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Cheats)

Unlocking Classes in D5

Unlockable How to Unlock
Archer Fighter Rank 2 and Healer Rank 2
Armor Knight Fighter Rank 3 and Brawler Rank 3
Black Knight Wrestler Rank 2, Lady Samurai Rank 2, Ninja Rank 2
Celestial Host (Male) Magic Knight Rank 2, Healer Rank 3
Gunner Fighter Rank 2 and Mage Rank 2
Lady Samurai Archer Rank 2 and Fighter Rank 3
Magic Knight Fighter Rank 3 and Mage Rank 3
Ninja Thief Rank 2 and Brawler Rank 3
Pirate Maid Rank ,3 Gunner rank 2 and Archer Rank 2
Professor Maid Rank 2 and Gunner Rank 2
Sage Magic Knight Rank 4 and Professor Rank 2
Thief Brawler Rank 2
Wrestler Armor Knight Rank 2 and Fighter Rank 3


Endings (Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Cheats)

No Ending forces you to start a new cycle, all endings can be completed in one play through

Unlockable How to Unlock
Humiliating Loss Ending Lose to Red Magnus in Ep. 1-5
Regrettable Ending With 50 or more Ally Kills, Lose to Majorita in Ep. 11-5
Successor Failure Ending With 50 or more Ally Kills, lose to Bloodis in Ep. 15-5
Suicidal Decision Ending 50 Ally Kills and choosing the “Take Time to Think” option after Ep. 16-5
The Ending Beat the game normally with less than 50 ally kills, or by selecting the “Runaway” option after Ep. 16-5
Usalia’s Death Ending Let Usalia Die in Ep. 4-5


Unlockable Classes (Monster)

All of the classes in the game are unlocked via the Quests. Monster classes typically require you to either hand in a certain item or kill something specific.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Bear 3 Muscle items
Chimera 3 INT monster weapons (gray one)
Dragon King Any Fire element weapon
Fairy Fairy Dust
Felynn 5 Fist weapons
Flora Beast 3 Heal Items
Horseman Any Spear weapon (Legendary or better)
Imp Any item
Nether Noble Either an Angel Cake or Gold Bar
Nine-Tails Any Secret Treasure (Imperial Seal or similar)
Orc Any item
Prinny Available from beginning
Rabbit Kill 3 Imps
Sea Angel Any Heal % Item
Shroom Kill 3 Mushroom Objects (go to Demunshroom area)
Sludge Unopened Soda
Slumber Cat Sardine
Succubus 5 Strange Feelers (ATK monster weapon)
Twin Dragon Any Orb item (Rare or better)
Undead ATK monster weapon (red one)
Winged Warrior Kill 1 Archer


Easy Level Up (Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Cheats)

Every time you use an Item 8 times on yourself, no matter what level you are, you will level up. Also, if you increase your EXP gauge through the cheat shop, it takes less items. 420% allows you to level up with just 2 items. Additionally, passing the “Triple Exp” bill will also affect exp gains from this method. Unopened Sodas are recommended, since consuming one gives you an Opened Soda, meaning you get two items for the price of one.