Bloodstained Curse of the Moon Cheats


Boss Mode Modifier Codes (Bloodstained Curse of the Moon Cheats)

[Requires Boss Mode Unlocked] Hold down the corresponding button for the modifier you want while selecting the Boss Rush option. You could mix and match them. Hope you have fun!

Effect Code
HP / WP Restore After Each Battle Y Button
Infinite Weapon Points X Button
Nightmare Mode Difficulty L Button
Ultimate Zangetsu (Full-Powered) R Button


  • Boss Rush

    After you’ve unlocked Nightmare Mode and Ultimate Mode, you’ll automatically gain access to the Boss Rush, which gives you control of all four party members and a selection of their subweapons. Note that you can only equip one subweapon per character per fight, and Zangetsu doesn’t have any of his special abilities from the Bad Ending route.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Boss Rush Unlock Nightmare and Ultimate Modes.


Nightmare Mode

After beating the game on Normal Mode, you’ll unlock Nightmare Mode, which continues the story and gives you immediate access to all the characters except Zangetsu.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Nightmare Mode Beat the game on Normal Mode.


Ultimate Mode

When you play through Normal Mode, don’t recruit any of the three companions when prompted. Instead, kill all of them. Zangetsu will gain their souls and a special ability from each of them. Beating the game this way will unlock a third gameplay setting called Ultimate Mode, which lets you replay the game with Zangetsu’s abilities and the opportunity to recruit your companions.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Ultimate Mode Beat Normal Mode, but kill all of your companions instead of recruiting them.