Dark Cloud 2 Cheats


Damage Storage Glitch (Dark Cloud 2 Cheats)

This does not work for Max while he has a beam gun equipped. When in a dungeon, attack with your melee weapon (hammer/wrench/sword), and as it touches the ground, press L1 to cancel the attack and quickly open the menu. If performed correctly, you should see some sort of streak of light near your character, leftover from the attack. Switch your long-range weapon (gun/brassard) or view a help video, then exit the menu. Going forward, simply running into enemies will be sufficient to damage them. Depending on how many attacks you store, you will be able to hit a given enemy that many times. (Store 3 attacks like this and all enemies can suffer damage 3 times each from running into them, for example. You can store up to 63 attacks: any more and you will not be able to damage foes, nor they you.)

Enable the Debug Mode Camera in Dungeons (Dark Cloud 2 Cheats)

When you’re in a normal map – i.e. a Georama – use R2 to go into first-person mode, then go to any dungeon floor by entering the menu and using Move. In the dungeon, immediately go to the menu and equip the fishing rod and exit the menu. Just like that you have glitched the camera to be much like the debug mode camera, in that you can go at any angle desired; pausing and unpausing will change the camera distance. Unequipping the rod will rectify this state.

Fish Cloning (Dark Cloud 2 Cheats)

This can be done once you have an aquarium and any desired fish to clone. Once you have the fish to clone, assure it is in the first slot of your inventory outside of the aquarium. Pick it up with Square, then repeatedly use Select to sort your items menu until the aquarium is in that first slot. Then press Circle and Square in that order – you’ll still be holding the fish, but a clone of it will also be in the aquarium! This can be used to clone fish to cook for healing, to sell for money (though the Lure glitch is faster), and to just making breeding a bit easier.You can also more easily win Fishing Contests as you only need to catch a big fish and clone it twice as opposed to catching three separate big fish.

Unlockables (Dark Cloud 2 Cheats)

These unlock the option to recruit various characters throughout the game. These do not work fully until after the game tells you about Recruiting.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Adel Give her a Sturdy Cloth, Hunk of Copper, and Thick Hide
Claire Give her a photo of the Lafrescia Stem
Corinne Play hide and seek with her, and win twice
Doctor Dell Have him heal the sick girl in Balance Valley
Donny Buy An Indestructible And A Dark Coin, Then Give These To Donny
Fabio Catch a fish 60 cm or bigger in the lake
Ferdinand Give Him A Roasted Chestnut
Gerald Level up the gun he gives you twice
Gordon Give him Holy Water
Mayor Need Enter the combo to the safe (which is 1221)
Milane Level up the weapon she gives you twice
Mina Complete ten rounds of Spheda after talking to her
Olivie Win 1st Place in Finny Frenzy
Parn Give him Gold Paint
Pau Give him a carrot
Polly Keep delivering the bread to the places directed
Priest Bruno Put out all of the candles in the church
Rosa Say “Let’s go together.” when talking to her
Rufio Give him a photo of the moon
Sheriff Blinkhorn Run to the boat and back in under 2 minutes after talking to him
Stewart Give him the money for the auction