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It has been revealed that Secret Neighbor will be released for the iOS, the PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. The iOS and the PS4 versions will be coming out on April 29. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch version will be coming out sometime in the summer, with the exact date remaining unknown for now. These releases are following Secret Neighbor‘s initial release on both the PC and the Xbox One, which happened in October of 2019.





For those who are curious, Secret Neighbor is a spin-off of Hello Neighbor, which was a survival horror that put a strong emphasis on stealth. However, it is important to note that Secret Neighbor is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which one side consists of kids seeking to rescue their friend from the titular Neighbor’s basement while the other side consists of the titular Neighbor. What makes it special is that the Neighbor is disguised as one of the kids, meaning that the game has additional layers that are absent from its more conventional counterparts. Something that might interest people enough for them to give it a go.

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