Balan Wonderworld Cheats and Tips



What Is Balan Wonderworld? (Balan Wonderworld Cheats and Tips)

Balan Wonderworld is a new platformer that has been published by Square Enix. It is interesting in that it is the first project from Balan Company, which is headed up by the man who created both Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights into Dreams.

What Are Some Tips For Balan Wonderworld?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Exploration Is Critical (Balan Wonderworld Cheats and Tips)

Exploration is critical for people who want to pick up collectibles. For instance, each stage has up to eight Balan Statues. Sometimes, these collectibles will be out in the open. Other times, these collectibles will be concealed in much less obvious locations, meaning that interested individuals will need to put some serious effort into finding them. Having said that, they shouldn’t go overboard. This is because there are some collectibles that can’t be reached until interested individuals have acquired additional capabilities from later stages.

Don’t Get Too Stressed Out About Gems (Balan Wonderworld Cheats and Tips)

Having said that, some collectibles are less important than others. For instance, interested individuals don’t need to get too stressed out about gems because they will respawn, meaning that interested individuals can grab as many as they want so long as they are willing to return to a stage again and again. On top of that, the gems aren’t used for anything other than interacting with the Tims, which cuts down on the need for them.

The Changing Room Is a Changing Room (Balan Wonderworld Cheats and Tips)
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Changing Room is a changing room. In other words, if interested individuals need the particular capabilities of a particular costume, they should pay a visit to the Changing Room as soon as possible. This is true if they have exceeded their limit of three costumes, meaning that one of their costumes has been sent to the Changing Room. Similarly, this is true if they have lost their costumes for whatever reason.

It Can Be Worthwhile to Grind For Some Costumes

Extra costumes are sent to the Changing Room. As a result, it can be worthwhile to grind for costumes so that interested individuals will be well-prepared when they run into a serious challenge. Some costumes are more useful than others, thus making them more worthwhile. For example, Aero Acrobat is an excellent choice because it combines normal mobility with a homing attack that should enable interested individuals to take out the overwhelming majority of normal enemies with ease. Similarly, both Air Cat and Frost Fairy are good because of their focus on movement, particularly since their associated crystals respawn in about a minute’s time.

Try Out Different Ways to Hurt the Bosses

Interested individuals should try out different ways to hurt the bosses. This is because each boss has three ways that they can be hurt, which is important because using those three ways is how interested individuals can pick up three Balan Statues. Conveniently, boss arenas have extra costumes hanging around. Something that should provide interested individuals with a very good idea of how they can go about getting those Balan Statues.