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What Is Halo Wars 2? (Halo Wars 2 Cheats and Tips)

Generally speaking, the Halo franchise is known for first-person shooters. However, it is interesting to note that it had a RTS series called Halo Wars, which saw a total of two releases in 2009 and 2017. Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that Halo Wars 2 would be the second of those two releases.

What Are Some Tips For Halo Wars 2?

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It Has a Rock-Paper-Scissors System (Halo Wars 2 Cheats and Tips)

It is very common for RTS titles to have a rock-paper-scissors system. After all, it makes it very easy for interested individuals to remember which units are supposed to counter which. In the case of Halo Wars 2, infantry are supposed to counter aircraft, which are supposed to counter ground vehicles, which are supposed to counter infantry.

Scout, Scout, Scout (Halo Wars 2 Cheats and Tips)

Scouting is one of the most important processes in RTS titles. In part, this is because interested individuals will want to know where their enemies can be found. However, scouting also provides critical information about what they can expect to fight, thus enabling them to produce the right units for the right counters. As such, interested individuals should scout in the early game, scout in the middle game, and scout in the late game. After all, they need up-to-date information about their enemies if they want to squeeze the most efficacy out of their resources. Due to this, units that are well-suited for scouting will remain useful throughout a match even though they tend to lose out when it comes to combat effectiveness.

Maximize Value, Minimize Complications

Interested individuals should do their best to maximize value while minimizing complications throughout a match. Each such incident won’t mean much. However, the sheer number of opportunities for both means that they will matter when it comes to the overall outcome of a match. To get an idea of the kind of incidents involved, one example of maximizing value would be using a unit’s ability before the unit is destroyed. Bad timing means that this might not be optimal, but a sub-optimal use of a unit’s ability will still be better than not getting to use it at all. Meanwhile, one example of minimizing complications would be retreating from a battle in the right manner. Generally speaking, if the player knows that they are going to lose a battle, they should try to salvage some of their units from the situation. However, interested individuals should make sure that their retreat won’t lead to an even worse outcome. For instance, a careless retreat might see their units destroyed in the pursuit, which would be worse than just doing as much damage as they can. Similarly, a careless retreat might tell the opponent where their bases are situated, which can be particularly damaging if the pursuit turns into an opportunistic attack.

Always Be Active (Halo Wars 2 Cheats and Tips)

On a final note, interested individuals should always be active in a RTS. This is because there should always be something that they can do to improve their chances of winning, whether that means adjusting their build orders, sending out their units to scout, or thinking about their next move based on their collected information. In fact, this is so important that a lot of RTS players put a strong emphasis on improving their APM, which would be the number of actions per minute.