It Takes Two Cheats and Tips



What Is It Takes Two? (It Takes Two Cheats and Tips)

It Takes Two is an action-adventure game that incorporates elements from platformers as well as other genres. It is interesting in that it has no single-player mode. Instead, it must be played by two players, whether over the Internet or through local split-screen co-op. This makes sense because It Takes Two is focused on a married couple who are planning to get divorced from one another.

What Are Some Tips For It Takes Two?

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Communication Enables Cooperation (It Takes Two Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, cooperation is critical in It Takes Two. As such, interested individuals should communicate with each other on a regular basis, which should enable them to better coordinate by knowing what they are doing as well as why they are doing it. There are people who can cooperate without communicating. However, they are very much the exception rather than the rule.

Use a Coordinated Attack to Overcome the Vacuum

Naturally, boss battles will test this cooperation. To name an example, there is the Vacuum, which is the very first boss of It Takes Two. Interested individuals will need to avoid its explosive mines until they see the platform rising out of the ground. At which point, one player will need to use the bottom hose on the mechanism to suck up the explosive mines while the other player will need to use the top hose on the mechanism to shoot the explosive mines. Said process must be repeated a number of times, which will be slowed down by the introduction of more and more complications. Eventually, there will come a point when the Vacuum’s arms will fall off, thus enabling the players to kill it by using its own arms to suck out its eyeballs.

Learn to Do a Perfect Double Jump (It Takes Two Cheats and Tips)

Performing a double jump is very easy. However, interested individuals are going to need to learn how to perform a perfect double jump because it will be needed again and again in this game. The key to performing a perfect double jump is memorizing the arc of the first jump so that interested individuals can hit the jump button a second time at the apex, thus resulting in maximum height and distance.

Always Look For Two Things When Doing a Puzzle

Whenever interested individuals come upon a puzzle, they should start looking for not one but two things that can be interacted with. Chances are very good that one player will have to interact with one thing while the other player will have to interact with the other. If interested individuals aren’t sure what they are supposed to interact with, keep a watchful eye out for yellow because that is the color that indicates something of importance.

Listen For the Tambourine (It Takes Two Cheats and Tips)

There are mini-games in It Takes Two. If interested individuals want to get everything, they are going to need to interact with every single one of these mini-games. Conveniently, the taps of a tambourine will start up when a mini-game is in the vicinity, thus informing interested individuals when such opportunities are available to them.