The Last of Us Remastered Cheats



The Last of Us Remastered Cheats


Unlock New Game Plus For Any Difficulty

1. Finish the main game on any difficulty to unlock New Game Plus (ng+).

2. Select “Continue New Game Plus”, and play through the Hometown/Prologue chapter.

3. When you’re in control of Joel again, in chapter 2, pause the game, and let it auto-save, and then quit to the main menu.

4. Go to “Chapters” and select the first one. You can now select any of the difficulties for ng+.


New Game Plus

Complete the game on grounded difficulty to unlock new game plus mode for grounded, survivor, hard, normal and easy difficulty.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Easy + Complete game on Easy or higher difficulty
Grounded + Complete game on Grounded difficulty
Hard + Complete game on Hard or higher difficulty
Normal + Complete game on Normal or higher difficulty
Survivor + Complete game on Survivor or higher difficulty