Undertale Cheats

Easter Egg Passwords (Undertale Cheats)

Enter any of these names for your character and you’ll receive some extra, hidden dialogue. Note that most of these names won’t be able to be entered as your proper name and thus will only unlock dialogue, unless otherwise noted.

Effect Password
(Reloads intro sequence) Gaster
“…” Asriel
“Bratty! Bratty! That’s MY name!” Catty [can use as own name]
“D-don’t do that” Alphys
“Get your OWN name!” Undyne
“HAHA,why not?” Gerson [can use as own name]
“hOI!” Temmie [can use as own name]
“I already CHOSE that name” Flowey
“I think you should chose your own name my child” Toriel
“Like, OK I guess” Bratty [can use as own name]
“nope” Sans
“That’s a little on- the-nose, isn’t it…?” Murder [can use as own name]
“That’s a little on- the-nose, isn’t it…?” Mercy [can use as own name]
“The true name” Chara [can use as own name]
“Uh…ok?” Alphy [can use as own name]
“You cannot” Asgore
“You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel” Bpants[can use as own name]
Ill allow it! Papyru [ can use as own name]
Jerry Jerry[can use as own name]


Hard Mode (Undertale Cheats)

To activate hard mode, enter “Frisk” as your starting name. You’ll get a warning that this will “make your life hell”; confirm to begin playing hard mode.

The changes include not being able to flee on the first turn of battles, toughened and new enemies, and only being able to hold three pieces of candy, among other things.


Boost Mettaton EX’s Ratings (Undertale Cheats)

During the final fight with Mettaton EX, if you have certain fashionable items, such as the Stained Apron or the Cloudy Eyeglasses, your ratings by default are boosted. Furthermore, certain items being used, such as the Glamburger, will boost ratings. This will make it easier to end the fight sooner.


Easily Defeat Muffet

To defeat Muffet in a single turn, you can use one of the Spider Bakery items – the Spider Donut and Spider Cider – you can buy significantly earlier in the game. Use one during the fight and it’ll end immediately.


Weaken Asgore

If you save the pie given to you by Toriel from the beginning of the game, and use it during the final battle versus Asgore, you will weaken his attacks noticeably; being relatively hard to dodge, this makes the battle significantly easier.