Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 Cheats


Battle City Cheats

Stage Select

When you start the game and the screen with ‘Stage 1’ shows up, please do the following. Note that this is the only moment you can perform the cheat, you can’t do it afterwards.

Effect Code
Stage Select Press A and B to choose any stage you want.


Dig Dug II: Trouble In Paradise Cheats

Infinite Lives (Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 Cheats)

Enter the Level Select cheat and start on level 15. Kill a single enemy so your score reads 200 points. Kill off all your lives and at the game over screen, hold B on controller 2 + A on controller 1 and press Start. Now start your game again and your lives will read “HERANAI”.


Dragon Buster II: Yami no Fuuin Cheats

Level Passwords

Effect Password
Level 2 47638
Level 3 88442
Level 4 33794
Level 5 80613
Level 6 92205


Galaga 3 Cheats

Japanese secrets (Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 Cheats)

In the Japanese version of the game (Gaplus), you enter a name, age, and blood type when you get a high score. The codes below are entered in those fields and will require a reset to undo.

Effect Code
8 lives per game (requires reset to undo) Name: JHIMYJ Age: 00 Blood: OO
Secret message in Romanji (requires reset to return to normal gameplay) Name: JNIWAR Age: 28 Blood: OO


Change your ship in Parsec 1 (Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 Cheats)

While normally obtainable around Parsec 31 by getting the blaster head, you can get a different ship in the very first stage. This ship can have three bullets fired on-screen normally (the standard ship usually only has two on-screen).

To obtain this ship, wait until all the enemies arrange into their attacking formation, and don’t fire any bullets. When they are set up, you may see a shooting star. Shoot only the second-to-left enemy on the bottom and a special flag will apear. DO NOT GET THE FLAG (it can be picked up AFTER you get the new ship, so don’t worry).

When the queen comes down to attack, steer your ship into it (not the blaster head). Your ship will explode, but the ship icons below will change, confirming the secret worked. From then on until Game Over, you will pilot the new ship.


Galaga: Demons of Death Cheats


  • Double-Fire Ship (or 1,000 Points)

    This trick concerns the Galaga enemies at the top of the screen – they normally only arrive in quantities or four and are the only enemies able to take two hits, switching to blue after the first. One of their attacks – which won’t occur if too few (2~5) enemies are left – is to use a tractor beam to get your ship. This initially causes a loss of life, implying this is bad. Actually, this is good – if you shoot down the Galaga that took your ship while it is diving for another attack, then you will be able to recapture that ship and fire two missiles at once, and take two hits before another loss of life. (If you shoot the ship, it gives you a bonus 1,000 points instead. You can shoot the ship at any time. Just note that if you hit the Galaga while it’s not actively moving, then the ship will attack you!)


Legacy of the Wizard Cheats

Cheat Mode & Codes (Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 Cheats)

You MUST enable this code to do the other codes. At the title screen, press and hold Upper-Right + A + B on the 2nd controller. Then hold Left + Down and Select on the 1st controller. ( You should still be holding the buttons Controller II) Then press Start on the 1st controller. If you entered the code correctly you should here a tone and be taken to the game.

Max Items & Reviving

First do the “Cheat Mode” code. Then choose Raos (the boy on the left). Go to the store, stand before the Crystal and press A. You’ll get a free Armor. Go back to the house and choose Raos again, but this time, wear the armor you just got for free. Leave the house and deplete your magic points completely. Go back into the house, place the cursor on the grandfather painting on the wall and at the same time hold Left + B on controller 2 & Right on controller 1 (the cursor should stay in place).Now, while holding, press A on controller 1. If done right, a sound should be heard. Now you’ll have max items and if you die, you’ll come back to life.

Walk on spikes and not lose life

The secret is rather easy. Just simply press up on the control pad while your about to jump on the spikes. You must have it up at all times when walking or standing on the spikes.

Mendel Palace Cheats


Effect Code
Extra Levels Hold Select + Start, then Reset NES (during game)


Pac-Land Cheats

Additional bonus points

Complete a level. You will be at the “BREAK TIME” screen. Now when the music stops at the “BREAK TIME” screen, jump. As long as Pac-Man is still in the air when the game stops, you will earn an additional 10, 100, 300, 500, 1000 or the highest 7650 bonus points along with the bonus points you get for the remaining time that wasn’t used while in a level. The amount of points you get depends on how close Pac-Man is to the ground when he lands without touching it. You can do this at the end of every level.

Skip to stage 13

In stage 1, if you collect at least 10,000 points, don’t let the time run out, AND finish the stage while being as high up as possible, you will warp to stage 13 instantly instead of continuing to stage 2. Note that if you have a hard hat, you will lose it this way.

The easiest way to do this is to collect at least 4 cherries, and when you get to the Power Pellet, stop to the left of it, and then wait for Sue (the purple ghost) to get very close to you. Then walk right to the next fire hydrant, and if you did it right, all four other ghosts will come in from the right. Wait a bit until they are nicely in frame, go back to the left, grab the Power Pellet, and eat all five ghosts. Then, if you’re still invincible, you can go some more to the left and jump on top of the smaller house, which you can use as a stepping stone for the taller buildings to finish the stage as high up as possible. If you take too long, you can still use Sue to get on top of the buildings. By the time you finish the stage, you should have little over 10,000 points this way.


Rolling Thunder Cheats


  • 5 Continues

    At the main menu, press and hold Up & A on the 2nd controller, then hold Up & B on the 1st controller and then press Start. If done right, you’ll have 5 continues instead of 3.

Level Passwords

Effect Password
1-1 7567651
1-2 4023399
1-3 6426099
1-4 3009912
1-5 1450064
2-10 6765136
2-6 8511502
2-7 6609809
2-8 6127306
2-9 3495242
3-1 6692956
3-2 4516110
3-3 6396857
3-4 4249741
3-5 6916079
4-10 6983701
4-6 7236972
4-7 8774494
4-8 2205789
4-9 6252184
Level 5 1450064
Level 7 6609809
Level 9 3495242


Super Xevious: GAMP no Nazo Cheats


  • Secret Password Menu

    Start the game and before hitting any enemies, press Start to pause the game. While paused, press Up, Down, Left, Right, A and B. If done right, a password screen should appear.

    Effect Code
    Level 2 6974
    Level 3 1797
    Level 4 5328
    Level 5 3580
    Level 6 6541
    Level 7 3024