Pac-Man 99 Trailer



Watch Pac-Man 99 Trailer for the Nintendo Switch

A new Pac-Man title called Pac-Man 99 has come out for the Nintendo Switch on April 7. Based on the name, interested individuals might be able to guess that it is a battle royale in much the same manner as Tetris 99. This means that Pac-Man 99 will retain the Pac-Man series’s core elements. However, when one player consumes a ghost, they will send a Jammer Pac-Man that can slow down its victim to one of their opponents. Besides this, it is worth mentioning that Pac-Man 99 features power-ups as well, which can provide those who secure them with even more benefits.






It is possible for interested individuals to pick up Pac-Man 99 by buying a Nintendo Switch online subscription. Furthermore, there is DLC, with some consisting of cosmetic content and some consisting of offline content. As such, while Pac-Man 99 is meant to be a multi-player experience, it can be a single-player experience as well for those who want that.

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