Outriders Cheats and Tips



What Is Outriders? (Outriders Cheats and Tips)

Outriders is a co-op shooter that incorporates RPG elements. Story-wise, the titular Outriders are the ones who have been sent to scout the planet Enoch in preparation for colonization efforts. Something that goes wrong within a very short period of time.

What Are Some Tips For Outriders?

Here are some tips worth keeping in mind:





Understand the Classes (Outriders Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals can choose from four classes, which would be the Technomancer, the Pyromancer, the Trickster, and the Devastator.

First, the Technomancer can be considered the long-range specialist, as shown by its 15 percent bonus to long-range weapons. Unfortunately, that comes at the cost of poor mobility, which worsens its vulnerability to being mobbed in close-range combat. Healing-wise, the Technomancer has 15 percent leech to both its skills and its weapons, thus making it well-suited for one-on-one combat as well.

Second, the Pyromancer is well-suited for handling entire crowds of enemies. Under ideal circumstances, it will do so at medium range. However, if the Pyromancer needs to, it can succeed in close-range combat as well provided that it has used its skills to mark its targets. This is important because it can heal 24 percent of its max health by killing a marked target.

Third, the Trickster is meant to slip in and out of close-range combat. Its low health means that it cannot take a lot of hits from a lot of enemies. However, its mobility combines well with its crowd control as well as its considerable damage-dealing capabilities. Tricksters gain a 20 percent heal as well as a 20 percent shield for every single close-range kill.

Fourth, the Devastator is supposed to be a tank that can double as a damage-dealer as well. It is like the Trickster in that it is supposed to engage in close-range combat, but its high health enables it to survive longer engagements. This is helped by the fact that the Devastator receives a 24 percent heal for every single close-range kill.

It should be mentioned that Devastators are not well-regarded for the end-game for the time being. This is because Devastators cannot compete with the other classes when it comes to their damage output, which is very problematic when faster completion will provide a better chance of better loot.

Keep Moving (Outriders Cheats and Tips)

Generally speaking, players will want to keep on moving. Yes, staying in cover is critical. However, enemies have ways to flush players from cover, with common examples including rushing in, flanking from the sides, and throw grenades. As such, players need to be prepared to move on when their current location comes under threat.

Shoot Grenade Throwers (Outriders Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, if players are fast, they can shoot enemies that are preparing to throw grenades. This will cause considerable damage when the grenades get dropped on the spot.

Remember Your Interrupt Skills

Some skills can interrupt. Interested individuals should remember which ones can and which ones cannot because Altered enemies have special attacks that are best handled by interrupting them.

Save Your Titanium For the Late Game

Titanium is rare enough that interested individuals should hold on to it whenever they grab some during the early game. They are going to have much better uses for the resource when they hit the later parts of Outriders.