Hades Cheats and Tips



What Is Hades? (Hades Cheats and Tips)

Hades is a rogue-like. Its name can be considered a reference to the location as well as the god who presides over the location. After all, its player-character is Zagreus, who is seeking to escape Hades with assistance from his Olympian relatives.

What Are Some Tips For Hades?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:





Experiment with the Weapons (Hades Cheats and Tips)

The player has access to six weapons, which would be a sword called Stygius, a spear called Varatha, a shield called Aegis, a bow called Coronacht, a pair of fists called Malphon, and what is best-described as a sci-fi gun called Exagryph. They will start out with Stygius. However, interested individuals will be able to use their Chthonic Keys to unlock Varatha, Aegis, and Coronacht. Once they have done so, they will be able to use more Chthonic Keys to unlock Malphon, which in turn, means that they will be able to use even more Chthonic Keys to unlock Exagryph.

Interested individuals should spend some time playing with each of the six weapons. This is important because they play very differently from one another, meaning that what works well for one player won’t work well for another player. For example, Stygius is an excellent choice for someone who wants to smash through entire mobs of enemies in close quarters combat. In contrast, Coronacht is better-suited for people who want to shoot from a distance while repositioning themselves on a regular basis. As for Aegis, well, suffice to say that the shield can be used as a shield. Something that can be very useful for interested individuals who are thinking about a more defensive approach.

Each Weapon Has Aspects (Hades Cheats and Tips)

Each weapon has multiple Aspects that can be unlocked using Titan Blood. This is important because each Aspect changes how a weapon is used while retaining its core characteristics. For example, Coronacht’s special shoots a spray of arrows in the shape of a cone. However, the Aspect of Chiron changes Coronacht’s special so that the arrows will home in on the last enemy struck by the bow. Similarly, Aegis’s special sends the shield flying outwards to bounce between enemies. However, the Aspect of Chaos changes Aegis’s special so that it will toss out multiple shields so long as the player performs a bull rush beforehand.

Generally speaking, unlocking Aspects is as simple as spending the Titan Blood. However, each weapon has one Aspect that won’t even be revealed until certain conditions have been met. For example, Varatha has the Aspect of Guan Yu, which will be revealed upon the completion of five conditions. First, the player must have purchased the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. Second, the player must have encountered the final boss. Third, the player must have spent Titan Blood on five non-Zagreus Aspects. Fourth, the player must talk to Achilles until he provides the player-character with the unlock phrase. Fifth, the player must equip Varatha before interacting with its placeholder. To unlock the rest, interested individuals will need to invest five or more Titan Blood on the associated weapon’s other Aspects before speaking with the right character while equipping the associated weapon for the unlock phrase. This would be Nyx for the Aspect of Arthur for Stygius, Chaos for the Aspect of Beowulf for Aegis, Artemis for the Aspect of Rama for Coronacht, Asterius for the Aspect of Gilgamesh for Malphon, and Zeus for the Aspect of Lucifer for Exagryph.

Choose Boons that Make Sense for Your Current Build (Hades Cheats and Tips)

Some boons work well with one another. Others, not so much. Interested individuals should always choose boons that make sense for their build for their current run because they won’t be able to carry them over from run to run. Keepsakes can be used to choose the god or goddess who grants the first boon of a run, which is useful for people who want their latest build to lean in a particular direction.