Hollow Knight Cheats and Tips



What Is Hollow Knight? (Hollow Knight Cheats and Tips)

Hollow Knight is one of the most memorable Metroidvania platformers to have been released in recent times. It is set in the ruins of a bug civilization collapsed by a supernatural catastrophe called the Radiance, which will provide interested individuals with plenty of challenge.

What Are Some Tips For Hollow Knight?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Get the Maps As Soon As Possible (Hollow Knight Cheats and Tips)

There are some people who can navigate Hollow Knight without a map with no issues whatsoever. However, most of us benefit by having something to reference. As such, interested individuals should look for Cornifer in every single area so that they can buy his maps as soon as possible. If they miss him, they can visit his wife Iselda in Dirtmouth for the maps. Furthermore, Iselda carries other items that make the maps even more useful, with an excellent example being the charm Wayward Compass that shows where the player-character is situated on the map.

Rancid Eggs Have Two Uses (Hollow Knight Cheats and Tips)

Rancid Eggs have two uses. First, interested individuals can give one to Confessor Jiji in exchange for her summoning the player-character’s Shade. Generally speaking, they will want to hunt down their Shade on their own. However, if their Shade is either a dangerous location or a hard-to-reach location, this is a very easy way for them to recover their Geo with minimal risk. Second, if interested individuals are in Steel Soul Mode, they can sell Rancid Eggs to Steel Soul Jinn for Geo. Both Confessor Jiji and Steel Soul Jinn can be found beyond the graveyard in Dirtmouth. In fact, Confessor Jiji is replaced by Steel Soul Jinn in Steel Soul Mode, which makes sense because her function is useless in said mode.

Hiveblood Is a Lifesaver For Platforming (Hollow Knight Cheats and Tips)

Generally speaking, the platforming in Hollow Knight isn’t too tough. However, there are some stand-out segments, particularly for people who are seeking the best ending. Fortunately, there is a charm called Hiveblood that heals the last Mask lost without using Focus, which makes it very useful for extended platforming. There isn’t anything complicated about getting Hiveblood. Interested individuals just have to beat the Hive Knight before following the path to the room beneath.

You Can Bounce Over Some Obstacles Using Your Nail

Speaking of which, it is useful to mention that interested individuals can bounce over some obstacles such as shells and spikes using their nail. Essentially, they are knocked back a bit when they hit something suitable with it. As a result, interested individuals can bounce their way by hitting an obstacle, bouncing upwards, hitting an obstacle again, bouncing upwards again, and so on and so forth. Naturally, a longer nail makes this process much easier.

Use the Pauses in Boss Battles

Some bosses can be staggered by taking a certain amount of damage. This is useful because it provides interested individuals with a chance to heal up by using their Focus. As a result, they should be careful about breaking the bosses out of their stagger with an accidental hit. Outside of these pauses, interested individuals should be very careful about healing because they will be cutting it close even if they choose a suitable moment. If they look like they are going to get hit, it is better for them to get out of the way rather than risk their remaining health.