Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 Cheats

Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 Cheats


Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 Cheats

Lose a Catch

When killing an opponent with a Catcher, if you leave the level before the enemy is actually caught it won’t count even though you killed it.

Fatal Fury: First Contact Cheats


Unlockable How to Unlock
Alfred Get to the 8th stage without continuing any, or even losing a single round, and then finish an opponent with the S. Power five times. Alfred will now fight you. Beat him and he’s yours to use.
Leo Get Alfred, then in two player mode, put the cursor over Alfred and then hold B for two seconds.


King of Fighters R-2 Cheats


Effect Code
Highlight Kyo and press the OPTION button. Play as Kyo ’95
When selecting what mode to use (Extra or Advance), select it using the Option button. Special and Super Move


Secret Characters (Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 Cheats)

The following characters cn be unlocked by beating them in Team mode.
If you beat the enemies as fast possible, two characters will challenge you after a few matches, one of them will be a random secret character. Beat the secret character and complete the game, he/she will be unlocked afterwards and you will be able to play as him/her!

Unlockable How to Unlock
EX Kyo(’94 version) Beat him in Team Mode
EX Mai(RB2 version) Beat her in Team Mode
EX Ryo(’94 version) Beat him in Team Mode
EX Terry(RB2 version) Beat him in Team Mode
EX Yuri(’94 version) Beat her in Team Mode
Omega Rugal Beat him in Team Mode
Orochi Chris Beat him in Team Mode
Orochi Shermie Beat her in Team Mode
Orochi Yashiro Beat him in Team Mode



Metal Slug: 1st Mission Cheats


  • Hidden modes and characters

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    S-Continue mode Beat the game once. In this mode, you can play as a new character and your combat rank will even be raised.
    Secret character Beat the game once.

Access Mission 13 & Mission 14

Crash your Slug Flyer in Mission 10 – ”Night Flight”. You need to finish the Parachute Mini-game after the crash to go to Mission 13 – ”Invasion in the Sea of Trees”. Complete Mission 13 to play Mission 14 – ”Weapons Port”.

Access Mission 7 & Mission 8 (Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 Cheats)

Crash your Slug Flyer in Mission 1 – ”Hurry On”. You need to finish the Parachute Mini-game after the crash to go to Mission 7 – ”Discovery of the Front Base”. Complete Mission 7 to play Mission 8 – ”Forced Escape”.

Access Mission 9

Complete the following Missions without going to Prison Camp:

In correct order:

Mission 0 – ”Emergency Mobilization”
Mission 1 – ”Hurry On”
Mission 2 – ”Slicing Through the Jungle”
Mission 3 – ”Battle in the City” (Defeat Boss)
Mission 5 – ”Pursuit of the Transport Train”
Mission 6 – ”Penetration of the Front Base” (Defeat Boss)

After successfully completing Mission 6, you will go directly to Mission 9 – ”Discovery of a Secret Passage”.


Metal Slug: 2nd Mission Cheats


  • Unlimited Grenades

    To have unlimited grenades, rescue all of the hostages. Then hold down while selecting a character to have unlimited grenades.

    Effect Code
    Unlimited grenades Rescue all hostages, hold down while selecting character

Neo Turf Masters Cheats


  • Golf Set of Legend

    Finish the Triple Crown mode, and after the credits you’ll be asked if you want to accept the “Golf Set of Legend”. Say Yes to be able to use this new golf set on any mode.


Samurai Shodown! 2 Cheats


  • Play As Yoka

    Move to Kuroko. Hold B and rotate the control counter clockwise for 4 circles. Yoka will appear on the space where Kuroko belongs. Keep holding B and select the character by pressing A.


SNK Gals Fighters Cheats


  • Secret characters

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Miss X Fight 100 matches or collect all the items in the game.
    Whip Complete Q.O.F mode with each of the original 8 fighters.
    Yuki Complete Q.O.F. mode with any fighter.

Unlockable items (Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 Cheats)

These are the 16 collectible items in the game. You can equip one at a time before starting a game mode. You can get as many as you want, as they are lost when losing a match
Most of these items give you additional power ups in-battle (the game describes what they do)

Unlockable How to Unlock
Belt Defeat Nakoruru in less than 15 seconds
Earrings Defeat Leona with a combo
Explosive: Gauge Defeat Whip
Family Photo Complete game with Whip
Free Coupon Complete game with Yuki
Hairpin Defeat Mai with a special move
Hamster Defeat Shermie by Time Up
Invitation Lose against Miss X
Kyo Medal Defeat anyone with a perfect
Pearl Earrings Defeat Yuri after using Pretty Burst twice in a round
Picture of Kyo Defeat Yuki after using Taunt twice in a round
Ribbon Defeat Akari when remaining time is 5 seconds or less
School Uniform Complete game in difficulty 5
Spare Mask Complete game in difficulty 4
Tattoo Seal Defeat Shiki with a special move
Tea Set Defeat Athena without using any special moves


SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium Cheats

Hidden Characters

There are eight hidden characters. In order to play as them, you must beat the game and at the end, a picture of one of the characters is shown covered with blocks. It will randomly remove a few blocks, the higher the difficulty the more blocks. When all are uncovered you get that character. The characters are Yuri, Akuma, Akari, B.B. Hood, Geese, M.Bison, Orochi Iori, and Evil Ryu.

NOTE: Due to the random nature of the removal of blocks, unlocking one character may take a good number of tries. A faster way to unlock characters is by obtaining enough points in the Olympic Mode, then trading them with any version of Card Fighters Clash, and then trade card data back to The Match of the Millennium via the Pocket Link option in Card Fighters. Depending on how full your Card Fighters deck is, you might get up to all eight secret characters at once in MotM.


Alternate Cat Walk Mode

When selecting a song, press Option (instead of A button).
Instead of the normal symbols scrolling on the screen (A, B, Arrows), it will instead be Fishes, Honey Jars (or something like it), and Mice (respectively). Also, Felicia will be in her other costume.


Blood Code

To access blood in the game, simply change the language to Japanese in the internal settings of the NGPC.


Play as Fio in Target9

To play as another character from the Metal Slug series in the mini-game Target, simply press Option before the ”READY” sign comes up.


The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny Cheats


  • Modes

    Effect Code
    Play in EX Mode When selecting a mode, input Up x6, Down x3, Up x4

Hidden characters

Unlockable How to Unlock
Hagure Hitogata Beat the game with Akari and buy her Ending 1 and Ending 2 scrolls. Press B when choosing Akari Ichijo to play as Hagure
Hibiki Takane Beat the game with Amano and buy his Ending 1 and Ending 2 scrolls
Kaede (awakened) Beat the game with Kaede and buy his Ending 1 and Ending 2 scrolls. Press B when choosing Kaede to play as Kaede (awakened)
Kojiroh Sanada Beat the game with Washizuka and buy his Ending 1 and Ending 2 scrolls
Kouryu Beat the game with all characters (including unlockables) and buy all Ending 1 and Ending 2 scrolls
Setsuna Beat the game with Lee, Okina or Zantetsu and buy his/her Ending 1 and Ending 2 scrolls
Shinnosuke Kagami Beat the game with Moriya and buy his Ending 1 and Ending 2 scrolls


Play in Last Blade 1 mode

When you first play through the game, you play through the game in the Last Blade 1 Story and character order. Once you complete everything, everything turns into Last Blade 2 Story and character order.

To go back to Last Blade 1 Mode, select one of the original 9 characters with the option button (instead of the A button)