Star Wars: Republic Commando Cheats and Tips



What Is Star Wars: Republic Commando? (Star Wars: Republic Commando Cheats and Tips)

Star Wars: Republic Commando was a first-person shooter centered on a team of elite clone troopers in the titular setting. Generally speaking, it is considered to be one of the best Star Wars games ever made, which explains why it has received a very recent port even though its initial release happened in the mid 2000s.

What Are Some Tips For Star Wars: Republic Commando?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Save a Lot (Star Wars: Republic Commando Cheats and Tips)

This game has auto-saves. However, interested individuals can also make manual saves of their own. Due to this, they should save on a regular basis, which will enable them to retry challenging segments while minimizing their loss of progress.

Put On Your Headphones (Star Wars: Republic Commando Cheats and Tips)

There is a lot of chatter from team-mates as well as other sources in this game. Sometimes, this contains useful information, which is why interested individuals should pay attention. That can be rather challenging when they are being distracted by blaster-fire as well as other noises. However, a pair of headphones can make it much easier for interested individuals to make sense of everything that is happening around them.

There Is Friendly Fire (Star Wars: Republic Commando Cheats and Tips)

Republic Commando is on the tactical side of things for a shooter. As a result, it has friendly fire, meaning that interested individuals should be very careful about where they are aiming. This is particularly true if they are preparing to throw a grenade, which can take out their team-mates with the same ease with which it can take out their enemies.

Get a Good Understanding of Your Guns and Grenades

It is a good idea to get a good understanding of the guns and grenades in the game. For starters, the pistol has a good rate of fire as well as unlimited ammo with which to feed that good rate of fire. However, it loses out on power. Meanwhile, the DC 17 Rifle is good against weak enemies but still decent against tougher enemies; the DC 17 Sniper is good for precise, powerful shots but can’t shoot very fast; and the DC 17 Anti Armor has very limited ammo that can do huge amounts of damage while also being area-of-effect. Genosian Beam Weapons have incredible DPS but can’t replenish their ammo while also needing some time to spool up. Trando Shotguns, Trando SMGs, and Trando Miniguns are exactly what they sound like. However, Trando Concussion Rifles do good damage while having a very electrifying effect. Wookie Bowcasters have powerful, long-ranged shots that can bounce off of walls for trick shots, while Wookie Rocket Launchers are very similar to DC 17 Anti Armors while tossing in homing capabilities as well.

Moving on, Thermal Grenades are all-purpose grenades that have their effectiveness somewhat reduced against shielded enemies. Electro Grenades are particularly good against droid enemies but are also quite decent against non-droid enemies. Flash Grenades are useful for disorienting non-droid enemies, though interested individuals will want to look away lest they wind up being disoriented as well. Sonic Grenades are powerful explosives that can be used as traps as well as ways to strip armor from the enemies that have it.

Fight Smart Against Shielded Enemies

Some enemies have shields or other forms of protection. These aren’t perfect, so it is possible to overcome them through brute force. However, it tends to be smarter to either disable, remove, or bypass those protections. The player has team-mates, so make sure to use them for the last one.