Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Cheats

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Cheats

Soleil (MultiPlayer Mode)

You can unlock Soleil for Multiplayer mode by repairing the mine and Gus’s home in the mountain region and acquiring the hammer from doing so. Upon entering the mine for the first time, you will get the Magento Crystal. When you have it, it will be placed in your house when you go to sleep. If you interact with it everyday, Soleil comes out after about a week. Shortly after, Multiplayer will be unlocked. The only way to use MP is to either use two sets of 2 joycons, a Pro Controller (or two, or with a set of joycons), or one set of joycons (with one controlling the player and one controlling Soleil). You can initiate Multiplayer by interacting with the Magentocrystal in your house or by using the Magentocrystal from the last tab of your bag at the very bottom. Soleil has 2 stamina without a gem being given and up to 10 depending on how rare the gem given is.


Time Skip

If you’re tired of waiting the whole day for an event to start or someone to finally be home/awake, just go into the mine and go out again. Everytime you go in and out, you “waste” 2 hours. So practically if its 7AM and you really want it to be 5PM (for an event maybe) just walk into the mine. When you come out straight again it’s 9AM. Repeat and you always get 2 hours more on your clock.


Unlimited Free Cabbage Seeds (Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Cheats)

While you are learning how to plant crops, Jeanne will walk you through the steps to plant the cabbage seeds she gives you.

Afterwards, she asks you to check out the house. Instead, plant the rest of the seeds she gave you, and then talk to her again. She will give you 10 more free cabbage seeds. Rinse, repeat to your own delight.

Time doesn’t move, nor do you need to worry about your stamina.